ANTM Cycle 15 Episode 11: “Franca Sozzani” (AKA No Snippy Title Required For This One… She’s A Big Deal)

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant continued on with her oh-so-boring perspective that personality actually matters. She put Jane in the bottom two because she doesn’t have a personality. Since when did drama-free, easy going, gorgeous, smart, and lovely become non existent personality traits. In Tyrant’s world, unless a girl is jumping up and down and holla-ing and making a damn fool of herself, you don’t have a personality. Oh Tyrant. We don’t need more yous. Despite all that, she sent us some serous mixed messages by eliminating Chris… the only one left that has a personality according to Tyrant. The wannabes posed as goddess statues and for the most part looked gorgeous. They also went on Go-Sees and sucked. Rumour has it that two girls are going home tonight. Will Ann be the first ogre in the final two? Will Kayla be the first lesbian to stomp it out in the final runway? Can Jane overcome her pleasant personality and show Tyrant her inner spazz? Will Chelsey regret letting Tyrant make the gap in her teeth bigger? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Perhaps the better question is how much will we hate Tyrant at the end of the night? We know she’s gonna make some kind of shocking and undeserved elimination purely for story line purposes. So predictable.

We start off this week with the girls celebrating their final four status in the van. The pleasantries don’t last long. Chelsey confesses to us that she thinks Ann is just coasting along and doesn’t really have a passion for fashion. Meow. Jane, on the other hand, is determined to show the judges this week that she has personality.

Back at the house, Kayla celebrates her best photo with a little dance. Pretty awkward. She’s won two in a row, which is impressive… but the girl cannot dance. What she can do is TALK. OMG. Shut up already. She won’t stop talking about how amazing she is. Blah blah blah. Don’t set yourself up for a Tyrant induced fall from grace editing disaster! Jane clearly shares my frustration. I love Jane. Ann, meanwhile gives us her 29th speech of the season about how awkward she always has been. Yawn. We know! We can see it. You don’t have to tell us. AGAIN.

After Tyra Mail arrives, the girls head out to meet Miss J to talk about castings, personality, and emotion. He introduces them to Barbara Terrinoni… an acting coach. Oh god. This is going to be a disaster. She is going to teach them how to be more expressive. It was actually incredibly annoying to watch. Afterwards, Miss J tells them they are going to see a very special cliant… one that is bigger than any other they have EVER had on ANTM. EVER. Who is it? Vogue Italia!!! Cue commercial.

When they get to Vogue Italia, Andre is waiting for them and he introduces them to Franca Sozzani! She is Editor-in-Chief. Wow. That is a big deal See you later Ann Shoket of Seventeen! Hello Franca Sozzani! While ATL talks, you can totally see Franca eyeing up the girls. So Devil Wears Prada. Love it. Kayla looks petrified. They have to “present” themselves to her. That’s their challenge. Kayla was mousey and nervous… not used to seeing her like that. Chelsey tried to speak Italian. Ew. Ann was Ann… with a terrible breakout on her chin. Jane was pleasant. Franca liked Ann’s photos but thought she was too shy. Jane was pretty, but not enough character in the face. Chelsey was full of character and Kayla got mixed reviews. The winner and a friend get a private art show and a night in a fancy hotel. Chelsey won and she picked Kayla.

The next day, the girls get ready for their final four photo shoot… except it’s not a photo shoot. They head to Verona for a Top Model first. Tyrant will be directing them in a “motion editorial” in some gorgeous couture. Basically, they have to model and move at the same time. Woah. Tyrant’s making them work! Model and move!


She got off to a rocky start, but took direction from crazy Tyrant pretty well.


She may be awkward and average when she’s just Ann… but when she gets all coutured up she is gorgeous. Too bad she can’t walk.


Tyrant seemed to respond really well to Jane’s movement. She kept shrieking “BEAUTIFUL”. Jane actually looked sexy in the styling. It was hot. But still… Tyrant was harping on the personality thing.


She too seemed to respond well to Tyrant’s direction, but she didn’t give off the same sexyness that Jane had going for her.

I have to give Tyrant some credit… the final edit was pretty good. The girls all looked great, were styled really well, and looked like models. The only thing that was actually REALLY TERRIBLE was the part where she had the girls mouth their names in to the camera while their faces were draped in lace. It screamed erotic movie… like bad ShowCase in the 90s erotica. In my opinion, the camera and setting loved Jane more than the other three… even Ann. But, the judges thought she was trying to control herself too much. And I actually thought Kayla struggled the most once we saw the footage. She just wasn’t sexy.

At panel this week, Franca Sozzani was on hand again to be guest judge. Who will be our two finalists? Who will be stomping it out in a Roberto Cavalli show? There wasn’t much discussion between the judges… usually there’s more drama for the final cut. Hmmmm… they must have made up their minds before hand. Franca probably got to pick. The first girl in the finals is… ANN! Wow. I have expected Ann to get the boot in some kind of shocking elimination. I guess personality doesn’t matter after all. Silly Tyrant. The other finalist is… CHELSEY. Ewwwww. Nooooo. I love a girl with freckles, but Jane is so much better. And Kayla? Ugh. If Chelsey wins this thing… double ugh. I can’t even think about it. Ugh. Where did that come from? Oh well, we all know it’s the girls who don’t win that go on to actual careers.


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  • makungu

    Happy with the final 2 girls….Ann brings something different to the industry, she has quite a unique look…Chelseys look aint nothing new but she has drive and knowledge about the industry and takes some pretty good pictures and her walk… is by far the best this cycle and i love her freckles and that gap…..welll Kyla deserved to go,Im I the only person who thinks shes not that pretty and has short legs?!,the judges mentioned something about her beauty being perculiar and that she needs to find angles that work for her, I agree, If you really have to find angles that make you look good then you aint that special looking to begin with, a top model needs to look good from every angle…AS for Jane , the girl is really pretty, though her profile is not that great, But come on guys we already have another Natasha Poly in the industry.and her personality is bland aswell……so Im pretty happy with Chelsey and Ann

  • redfish

    Jane does come across as a nice girl – and she does have a sweet personality, just not a specific kind. However, her expression is often pretty bland in my opinion.

    I love Ann’s personality – it is very quirky and geeky. Also I have liked every single photo of her except maybe the one on the boat.

    I think that Ann and Chelsea make good finalists because they represent two very different people. Jane is closer to Ann in skills, but just not as good. Chelsea has won a lot of challenges and although I dont like her that much, she has performed very consistently.

    Kayla is great but she deserved the boot given the competition.

  • Paolo

    Chelsea’s too old looking to be starting off a career right now, IMO. Jane had more potential, and has a wider appeal. Ann takes great pictures, but has one look, and awkward geek is not really an inviting personality. Kayla looks good when she’s all made up, but otherwise (especially at panel and the normal footages of her), she’s a mess. Her body doesn’t have the proportion for a model too.

    Jane should’ve been one finalist, with Chelsea and Ann battling for the other slot.

  • The poll results above are interesting. Chelsey is WAY down in fourth place. She’s 2000 votes behind Ann.

  • makungu

    Obviously these people (franca sozzani and ALT) know what they are doing….Give Chelsey a break, the girl looks good, it may not be a look you like but the judges like it.Kayla’s proportions are definitely not right for modelling,could be wrong have never met the girl….Jane is a pleasant girl.I actually like her as a PERSON not a MODEL .ShesLIKABLE but that doesnt make her a GOOD model,shes bland and her expressions were in earlier photos usually vacant, no matter how pretty her big square face is, can she really work it?!.Frankly she looks too much like Natasha Poly.Why expose us to another?!..All the girls have their weaknesses and strengths…and i hope Trya has a cycle based purely on personality and another one based on public/bloggers popularity(Jane would win that cycle hands down)..Until then people need to suck it up and wish both Ann and chelsey the best of luck.JEEZ!

  • Gabriel

    So throughout the season, I kinda expected Chelsea to make the finals. In my personal opinion, she never really stood out (and in all honesty, I had to get through 3/4 of the cycle before I really even remembered her). At any rate, she seems to fit the Italian Vogue bill, takes good photos and has very solid walk. Now Ann…..WHAT IN AWKWARD HELL were they thinking?!?! Ok, I get the fact that she has a unique look and the awkward thing works, but she cannot walk. I am gonna repeat this…the child CANNOT WALK! And I am not just saying she has a bad catwalk…..homegirl cannot walk in a straight line. Allison in cycle 12 had a pretty bad walk, but she was teachable and actually pulled off a solid showing at the finale. I feel that Ann has not hope here. She is about to screw up this Cavalli show and I this trainwreck is the only reason I will be tuning in.

    I am actually a personal fan of Jane (and Kendal), and the thing that frustrates me the most about Tyrant and her minions (and I have said this before) is that they rail poor Jane for her “lack of personality.” Lets rewind to the walmart covergirl challenge where Ann admitted her fear of other human beings. That is not to say that social anxiety and personality are one in the same, but damn, Ann is probably the driest contestant in the history of the show. Given what we have seen, she could never be a cover girl, a spokesmodel for any campaign, nor a decent runway model. She is totally print, but I thought they were searching for versatility?! I will digress. Needless to say, Tyrant and company have been soooo full of caca this cycle. I’m over Ann, and quite honestly, I am over this show….well, at least until they come out with an all-male cycle!

  • Gabriel

    Oh, and I forgot to mention….Rich you are SO HOT! 🙂

  • I’m just glad TYRANT is starting to stick! Thanks for the comments guys.

  • CJLP

    Ann drew an anime version of ‘The Last Supper’. I don’t think a person with a ‘dry’ personality would do that.

    To be fair ANTM is not an accurate representation of the fashion industry and we can’t fault Ann for her terrible walk because this show doesn’t seem to train them to walk anymore.

    Also i agree that just because someone is not social or loud doesn’t mean they lack a personality. They gave Jane and Ann so much crap about their ‘lack of personality’, but they are pleasant and quite funny. Plus i don’t believe you need to be ‘like Tyra’ to succeed. It is unfathomable to believe that every successful model working now is loud and outgoing. There has to be some shy, awkward (and even bitchy) ones in the bunch.

    Anyways I happy with the final 2, hell I’m happy with the top 4. We all have seen worse. If it was Tyra’s decision it would probably be Terra and Chris in the top 2.

    Speaking of Tyra, I have a feeling that she has less of an influence on deciding the winner this season. With the quality of prizes and judges this season, Tyra must owe a lot of favors and ALT has pulled a lot of strings.

    Personally I think Franca Sozzani pretty much chose who she wants during the interview challenge.

    I’m on team Ann, I like her despite her walk. But a runway walk is a learned skill, she is not incapable of improving.

  • violeteyes

    Wow, I actually really enjoyed the motion editorials (or whatever the hell they were) that they did. The girls had to model and move, and I think it was fitting for the top 4 going into the top 2.

    Ann did quite well, but during the ‘sexy’ part, she could have been more fluid. Chelsey did wonderfully, either than her arms in the ‘Wonderland’ section. Kayla did solidly, but it was forgettable, and Jane was pretty much a mess (I loved her tangled hair in the face, though).

    Given the preview of the finale in 2 weeks, I have a feeling Chelsey is going to win. Ann started off strong, slipped, then get stronger. Chelsey never slipped, and has stayed a solid contender throughout. She also has the best body and the best walk. Her appeal is broader than Ann’s, and I think she should win.

    P.S. I am SO H.A.P.P.Y. that the top 2 girls are at the FRONT of the fade-out. No one has won in the front since Jaslene, c8.

  • I love to analyze the fadeout too! You knew Kayla couldn’t be the winner because she was only showing her profile.

  • yui

    I just want to say I’m on team Ann.

    both girls deserves to be on top 2.

    I think Ann will win this, according to Andre Leon Talley, she is a high fashion, she is the only girl that Versace wants to hire for prints and show.

    Chelsey never had a best photo in the entire season, and according to Versace she is a 2 seasons ago.

    Ann is effortlessly beautifull in every photoshoot but
    Chelsey needs to work on it.

    Goodluck girls.

  • Chip

    Very Sad. I want a Jayla finale. And Jayla was booted out. If Ann had to be in the finale, I want Ann Kayla then Ann Jane.