ANTM Cycle 15 Episode 10: “I’m Gonna Make You Look Marbelous”

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the wannabes got shat on by a bird in Venice. That’s pretty much all that’s worth mentioning. Well… that and the fact that Ann continued to slip in her rankings allowing Jane and Kayla’s stock to rise. Liz continued her whiny ways and managed to complain her way right off the show. Thankfully, Cycle 15 kept the moving along with hot guys every episode and we got some more man candy. Will there be some more hunky hunkyness tonight? Will Tyrant continue to speak in a stupid Italian accent? Will Mr. Jay ever let let Chelsey show off her beautiful freckles in a photo shoot or keep covering them up? Who will be eliminated tonight?

First things first. This recap is late. My bad. I was dinner partying last night and drank way too much good wine. Ugh. Not feeling so hot today, but at least it’s a holiday up here in Canada and I don’t have to work. Those extra couple glasses of whiskey at the end of the night sure didn’t help any. Anywoo… let’s get all recappy up in here!

We start off this week back at the girls’ Venetian hotel. Chris is choked that she was in the bottom two. She confesses that she needs to be stunning to stay in the competition. Mmmm… I don’t think stunning is a word I would use to describe Chris. Kayla, on the other hand, is psyched about winning best photo. She doesn’t think Chris wants it like the rest of them do and says, “Chris is not high fashion”. Truer words have never been said on this show. Except for that time in Cycle One when Elyse called Robyn psycho. Ooooooh Jesus.

When Tyra Mail arrives, the wannabes figure out that it’s time for the all-important Go-Sees. Chelsey brags that she should be able to nail the challenge since she is one of the only girls to actually have experience with Go-Sees. She really wants to win because she has not gotten best photo yet. Ann is worried. Obviously. I would be too if I were her. Poor thing. She already looks blotchy.

They travel to Milan to meet Tyrant in the Italian IMG headquarters. She walks them through their portfolios and helps them get organized. But then she gets distracted by her amazing amazingness and talks about her amazingness for an amazingly long while. Yawn. She sure knows how to make me hit my fast forward button. After Tyrant stops talking about Tyrant, they meet with IMG’s Milan Directors Giovanni Di Corrinto and Andrea Cairo. They let the girls now that one of the Go-Sees is VERSACE. Holy shit. For reals? That’s pretty epic. Jane’s jaw dropped do hard she could down a watermelon in one shot! They have four appointments in total and need tto make their own way around. They have to be back by 630 pm.

Jane and Chris arrive at Versace first. Angelo Azzena is the person they meet there. I bet he’s just an assistant of some sort. LOLs. Jane walks it out in a hot black and white outfit. Angelo says she is “fresh”, but her walk needed some work. He was not impressed with Chris though. Uh oh. He said she was not on trend and looked more like a model from the 80s. Oh snap! He’s a total beotch. I love it. When Chelsey was there, he said she was okay… but more “two seasons ago“. Ouch. He was a little kinder to Kayla. He said she was fresh and editorial, but wouldn’t be good for a show. He was actually impressed with Ann. He noticed that she was scared and had trouble with her walk, but he really liked her look and height. He said she had the perfect body and would book her. Wow.

After Versace, the firls all got pretty lost. Chris and Jane actually gave up with an hour and a half on the clock. OMG. Tyrant is NOT going to be happy about that. They just didn’t bother! Chelsey made it her second Go-See and got some good reviews. She then went back to IMG after only 2 of the four Go-Sees. Ann got hopelessly lost and had a little breakdown on the street. It doesn’t look good for her. As the clock ticks down, both she and Kayla got disqualified. Chelsey ended up winning. Obviously. She was the only one that made it to more than one Go-See. Wah wah. This one was kind of a bust.

For the photo shoot this week, the girls all head to Lake Como. Gorgeous. That’s where the final four did their photos in Cycle 2. Shandi, April, Mercedes, and Yoanna. Loved them. I’m pretty sure they’re at the same mansion too. Waiting for them are Nigel and Mr. Jay. Nigel is going to be the photographer and the girls are going to be done up as goddess statues. Hot. Even hotter is that they get to do it with a male model. Love this Cycle’s male models! And, he is totally sexy. Simone Bredariol. Wow. Dono… do a Man Crush on him!


She seemed to struggle in the shoot. Nigel and Jay weren’t getting enough passion from her. She got pretty upset too because they were really picking at her. Jay had a little heart to heart with her and basically told her to let it go… that she didn’t have to always be perfect because perfect is boring. The photo ended up being beautiful, but Nigel is critical of how much she didn’t give him. ALT said she looks asleep.


Nigel and Jay really liked Chelsey on the shoot. They thought she got into character really well and found the right level of sensuality. This is a great photo of Chelsey. I love that he’s going for her boob and she’s working it. There’s a good connection between the two of them. The judges were all in love with it too, but ALT wanted to see more neck. Tyrant didn’t think she modeled enough.


She looked GORGEOUS on set. Her body took the look really well. The fact that she was so covered in make up made it easier for her to interact with Simone and be sexy. She sure isn’t comfortable in her own skin, but she was great as marble. I love her body language in this photo and I think it is the sexiest she’s been. The judges were actually pretty hard on her. They said she lacked personality. ALT came to her rescue though and praised her high fashion look.


On the set, she got over her male intimacy issues and really engaged with Simone. Jay was loving the shapes she was hitting too. And I love the shape she hit in this photo. Simone’s ass isn’t bad either. The judges were all impressed by the photo. Tyrant and ALT said it was “stunning”.

She came on to set with a sore foot, but didn’t want it to show. Jay thought she connected well with the model, but couldn’t get past the pain she was feeling in her foot. I am SO not in love with this photo. She looks more nurse maid than sexy goddess. Not a good pose. Nigel told her that he felt she was over the whole thing. Tyrant tried to defend the photo, but agreed she looked “sleepy”.

At panel, IMG Manager Kyle Hagler was on hand to serve as guest judge. Tyrant gave them all a little heck for not going to more Go-Sees. Obviously. Her name is Tyrant! Kayla was called first! Two weeks in a row! Runner up was Chelsey. Ann was called third, leaving Jane and Chris in the bottom two. Miss Personality versus Miss Quiet. Jane is definitely the better model. She should stay. And she does! Chris is out. There we have it… our final four. Kayla, Jane, Ann, and Chelsey. I’m pretty happy with that group.


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