Don’t Make Me Angry, You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry


Since today is Friday the 13th (The second of the year, we are having another one in November), I’ve decided to do things against the grain. We always post about things we enjoy, and things we love, but I’m going to post somethings that I absolutely can’t fucking STAND!  It’s a neverending list really, but these are the ones that are annoying me today!

You might not agree with it, you might not like it, but I am the one writing so let me vent! Khay?

Here they are in absolutely no particular order

hate1Taylor Swift – This is the one that inspired me to write this. Taylor Swift is a 19 year old pop-country singer who makes me want to fucking break things. My hatred for her began when I saw her at some awards show singing her stupid song “Tim McGraw”…ACTUALLY TO HIM! It was SO AWKWARD! She like walked off the stage with her stupid guitar, in her stupid dress, singing her stupid song to him. Then after, she shook his hand, and said “Nice to meet you”. IT WAS SO STUPID! Also, was it me or did Tim McGraw look so awkward as well? OH…and her song that’s on right now..”LOVE SONG”. I can’t deal, I can’t. She’s so whiney, UGH! HATE! HOW IS SHE THE BIGGEST SELLING ARTIST OF 2008??? COME ON! I wanna kick her in the box.


People who push the walk button after they see me push it – This is one of my biggest pet peeves on the planet. I HATE when someone sees me push the button, then when the light doesn’t change within three second, they start hitting it over, and over, and over…as if this is going to make the light change any faster. And with the new ones that make that beep every time you touch it, yeah. I really want to turn around and freak at them! It’s not going to change any faster, leave it alone.
hate2Bridge and Tunnel Chicks – This one will get me into trouble, but I don’t care. I HATE bridge and tunnel girls. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that go to a gay bar on the weekends, from the uber suburbs, who wear denim skirts and backless shirts, and they have the attitude. I’ll never forget them. I’m in line in the girl’s bathroom because I have urinal phobia (long story) and I like to use a stall. Well those bitches get so mad when I’m in line. My response is always the same “Sweetie, you’re in MY BAR! We only put a girl’s sign up to be nice! CALM THE FUCK DOWN” Then, I push the bitch aside. YOU’RE IN MY BAR! I don’t come to your stupid breeder bars and mack on all the guys there, don’t come to my bar and pretend like you’re better than me. You don’t come to gay bars because you feel safe, you REALLY come because no straight men will give you the time of day! OH! And we don’t REALLY think you’re hot, we really feel sorry for you. I personally make fun of you when you turn your back to me. Bitches!

* Note, this isn’t all girls, these are the ones with the ‘tude who think they are the poo.*

hate6Working Out – Contrary to popular belief, not all gays like going to the gym. I’m probably the only cast member that absolutely loathes it. I hate playing sports, I hate working out, I hate any sort of physical activity. I do it only for vanity reasons. Let’s face it, no one likes a fatty (RIGHT GIRLS?!? That’s why you’re in our bars!), so I’ll deal with it because I don’t want to spend my life alone. Le sigh…
hate4Vegetarians who eat fish and/or chicken – You’re not vegetarians. Just say you don’t eat red meat, that’s ok! I don’t know why this bugs me but it does. It’s like…you’re just NOT a vegetarian!
hate5Unoriginality – One thing I can’t stand is complete unoriginality. People have an opportunity to create something amazing, and all they do is carbon copy something, and they do it poorly. People notice it, it’s lame. It’s not the sign of a unique talent; it’s the sign of desperation. And copying TACKY ideas is well…UBER TACK! You know what I mean………………………..hmph.

Others include:

My slow computer, my stupid wordpress editor that doesn’t work, the NEW facebook homepage, losing one sock in the wash, annoying people’s voices, Will Smith, Male GOGO Dancers who dance like women, When my photoshop crashed, telemarketers…omg I gotta stop!

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  • Paul

    Breathe, darling. Breathe.

  • Rod

    Wow…. anger issues.

  • Tommy D

    IT feels SO good though…I’m like a whole new person.

    I still hate taylor swift though

  • rbo

    you just jealous, that’s why you hate her. (though she did have a cringe-worthy SNL appearance… emo country – is there such a thing? yes, and she started it. awkward.)

  • taylor swift — i agree 100% i just don’t get it.

  • Jason

    I agree with so many of these.

    If I may add a few:

    – co-workers who send you an email and then come to your office 3 seconds later and say, “I sent you an email”;

    – the term “pre-drinking”. You aren’t “pre-drinking” if you are having drinks at someone’s house before you go out for the night. That glass full of alcohol in your hand? It’s DRINKING. You’re ALREADY DRINKING.

    – Obnoxious hats… especially the huge Dr. Seuss-like ones that are made out of foam, that people wear on Canada Day as they scream like idiots and drunkenly piss on everything. Patriotic. (Also, most recently, plastic green hats for St. Patrick’s Day.)

    – People with a sense of entitlement, in general. I don’t know when the planet started owing everyone for simply exisiting, but I missed that memo.

    Ahhh. That felt good.

  • Kyle

    i 100% agree with number five. this girl i work with said she was a vegetarian and no more than thirty seconds later started eating pasta with chicken in it. of course i questioned her and she said “oh i dont eat red meat.” wtf that does not make you a vegetarian!!!

  • I am TOTALLY with you on the male Go-Go dancers who dance like women. It drives me insane!

  • bruin

    tommyD you crack me up….i love this post period! i agree with everything! btw taylor swift is > than miley cyrus!