Anne Hathaway Gets An Impressive & Comical Oscar Nomination Parody

As you know, Anne Hathaway has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Les Miserable – and let’s face it… she’s probably going to win.

In this parody, Actress-singer Emma Fitzpatrick pretends to be Anne Hathaway as she sings a parody version of Hathaway’s Les Mis song, “I Dreamed A Dream” and it’s called “For Your Consideration.” After winning best supporting actress at the SAG Awards, Golden Globes and Critics Choice, Hathaway reminds the Academy, one last time, why she must (and will) win at the 85th Academy Awards. Here’s an example of some of the lyrics in the song/video: “I played a prostitute who died / Her life was really sad and awful / But I was bold and unafraid / I let them give me this new haircut / And I lost half my body weight / But then they never did a wide shot.”

This isn’t the first parody or video that makes light of her role in the film. In fact, before Christmas, she and Samuel L. Jackson (Django Unchained) had a “Sad Off” in a Funny or Die video where they both tried to one up each other in terms of who’s character had it harder in their respective films. Make sure you watch that video if you haven’t, after you watch the video below.

For Your Consideration – Anne Hathaway Parody

  • BC

    Nobody should get any sort of recognition for mimicking someone.
    So what, she can act like Anne Hathaway? Big deal.

    Mimicking is not talent in my books.

  • Relax – LOL. It’s purely for entertainment and comedy – she’s not looking for an Oscar herself. Anne Hathaway has mimicked others too (ie. Katie Holmes on SNL). She did that for the fun of it and I’m sure Katie laughed. This video is funny mainly for the lyrics and the fact that she can sing well is a bonus.

  • BC


  • Zack

    Patrick is right, BC. This is for entertainment. I do believe that Anne loves this parody as well!

  • Dan

    Not only does Emma Patrick have the pipes for this parody, she could easily play Fantine in any Les Miz production. Great Voice, great acting, would enjoy hearing more from Emma.

  • Art

    No doubt, Emma is talented. But if I could not make it through this song, I doubt I could sit through the movie.