Anna Kendrick: You Might Not Know Her, But You Will


With the Golden Globe nominations just out, it’s always interesting to hear names that you’ve never heard of before. Anna Kendrick was NOT one of those for me. She plays the young, tech savvy and super keen Mellennial “Natalie Keener” to George Clooney’s handsome, but lonely, Baby Boomer in Jason Reitman’s amazing Up in the Air. She’s great in the film and has been nominated for a whole whack of critics’ choice type awards for the role. But where have we seen her before?

There’s this one scene where she quizzes her older counterparts about love, life and relationships. It’s fantastic. She completely holds her own against the likes of George Clooney and Vera Farmiga. She actually steals a lot of the scenes she’s in. I highly recommend the film and I’m glad it got some Golden Globe attention.

Kendrick has become a bit more of a household name, or at least face, in recent years because of her small role in the Twilight Saga. She plays Bella’s bff… if Bella has such a thing… Jessica Stanley. But even before Twilight, I first spotted Anna Kendrick in the 2003 film Camp.

If you haven’t seen it… I GASP in your general direction. It’s one of my favourite movies and yes… it is CAMPY. Here’s the 411. Cute straight gay goes to summer camp for precocious kids who want to be Broadway stars. Cute straight guy becomes object of desire for every girl AND BOY and the camp. He then has to deal with washed up musical theatre legend while navigating around the hearts he keeps breaking… on purpose. Along the way, the kids perform snippets from some of musical theatre’s most recognizable hits… as well as some original compositions.

Anna Kendrick plays Fritzi Wagner, the weird girl who is obsessed with the camp’s leading lady. I won’t wreck it for you totally, but Fritzi ends up stealing more than a few scenes. Check out this amazing number on YouTube. It’s the ladies who lunch!

Did you catch that? “Oh save the speech rummy. She’s fucked, I’m ready and the god-damned show must go on.”

Anna Kendrick is a natural scene stealer and I’m now a big fan. Check out Up in the Air in theatres and then go rent Camp.