On Thursday, Brand New Bitch Anjulie strolled through Vancouver to visit us at The Helm for WE LIKE BOYS, Vancouver’s newest and hottest gay night on Thursdays. This chick is the cutest. If you’ve heard the name before, you probably remember her exploding with her track Boom a few years back. Now, she’s hitting play again with a brand new sound and feel and it’s absolutely epic.

Her current single Brand New Bitch is playing all over the place and making people dance in clubs everywhere. I asked her what the inspiration for the track was and she tells me about how she got out of a relationship (as one does when they write amazing tracks like this), her old record deal, manager and lawyer and was ready to start fresh with an up tempo record. Well, I think she’s the hit mark and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

Up next for Anjulie is a stop off in Ibiza for a show with Laid-Back Luke followed by a show at the Cosmo in Las Vegas. Oh and I did I mention she’s working with will.i.am for a new song for his solo record? No big deal. She also mentioned she’s working with Chris Brown on some stuff. I cannot wait to hear more from this Ontario native. Check out my interview with Anjulie below.


Homorazzi cast members Nic, Brian, Patrick, Jonny and myself with Jonny’s boyfriend Kodie (center, back) checking out The Helm and Anjulie.

Nic, Brian, Patrick and myself after chatting with Anjulie. Isn’t she adorable?

Another cast photo minus Kodie + Donovan.