Woman Pregnant…In TWO Uteruses

A 34 year old Utah woman is pregnant with two babies…and they’re not twins. They weren’t even conceived at the same time! Angie Cromar, a labor and delivery nurse herself, has a double uterus (uterus didelphys) and they are both knocked up. One is five weeks and four days along, while the other is six weeks and one day. Essentially, they are due one week apart.

According to the Mayo Clinic, not surprisingly, women who have this condition are more likely to miscarry (aww!) or deliver a baby prematurely.

According to AOL.com, the chances of getting pregnant with two babies (one in each uterus) is one in 5 million woman and there have been only about 100 of these extraordinary events reported worldwide. I imagine it has happened before and people just assumed they were twins.

Cromar, who is from from Murray, near Salt Lake City, is aware of the possible outcomes of such a pregnancy, but still remains very excited. If all goes well, the two newborns will join her other children, Alex, 8 years old, Luke, 4 years old and Sammy, 2 years old and of course her 33 year old husband, Joel. Full house!