Is Angelina Pivarnick The Next Kim Zolciak???

Ever since Kim Zolciak hit it “big” with “Tardy For The Party“, every other Reality TV fame whore has aspired to release “music” of their own. The latest reality hoochie to join the bandwagon is “Jersey Shore” castoff, Angelina Pivarnick. During an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” this week, she revealed she’s releasing a single called “I’m Hot“. Naturally the studio audience (and Wendy) laughed.

How absolutely ridiculous is this woman? I can’t wait to hear how awful her single is. Apparently her “singing style” will be a mixture of rapping, talking and singing. Watch out Ke$ha, the Staten Island dump is encroaching on your territory. “I’m Hot”, how insanely egotistical is that title? Personally, she should’ve released a track called “Umm, Hello!” or “Trashbags”.