Andy Cohen Reveals Which Real Housewives Casts Are The Most Exhausting

As a hardcore fan of The Real Housewives franchise, watching a reunion taping would be a dream come true. I envy Andy Cohen a little for having front row seats to all the drama. After listening to a recent interview, I’m having second thoughts.

During a round of “Ask Andy,” the topic of Real Housewives reunions came up. The 48-year-old personality admitted he’s become less and less personally invested over the years. However, at the beginning, it was a different story.

“I think they used to affect me differently – they used to make me really exhausted,” he explains. “There have been ones where even the next day I’m like, ugh, just so irritated.” When asked which cities were the most stressful and upsetting to endure, he named two.

Not surprisingly, Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Real Housewives Of New Jersey were called out. After all, physical altercations have occurred on both. Even Andy got pushed around on the RHONJ Season 2 reunion. Remember when Teresa Guidice pushed him around like a rag doll 😉

“There are some from the Atlanta and Jersey past where the next day they were still reverberating in my head. They were the most emotionally taxing,” Andy disclosed.

I can definitely agree with him with regards to RHONJ. Love her but listening to Teresa defend her actions can make any sane man a little crazy. I’m surprised RHOBH didn’t make the cut given the sisterly drama between Kyle and Kim Richards over the years.

I’ve changed my mind about Cohen having the best seat in the house. One time would be fun to watch live, but can you imagine doing it several times a year, year in, year out? Moderating these catty bitches isn’t exactly the funnest thing to do.

Are you surprised by Cohen’s answer? Which group of ladies do you think would be the hardest to handle? Weigh in below. To watch the entire clip, head over to Bravo.

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    I knew he was gonna say Jrsy