Andy Cohen Spoofed In SNL Sofia Vergara-Hosted Episode

You know you’ve made it when you’ve been spoofed on “Saturday Night Live“. Sure, Andy Cohen has a pretty wicked day job as Executive VP over at Bravo and has his own talk show, but it’s still nice to get the SNL seal of approval. While Cohen is flattered and enjoyed the skit, a few of his famous buddies weren’t as pleased. They thought it was mean-spirited and sucked. So sensitive 😉 Check out a few tweets:

“If only the guy playing you had actually thought abt his “impression’…I thought it sucked. He dint say ‘sweetie’!” – Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock From The Sun)

Wow–that was a brutal spoof on SNL of @BravoAndy on @Bravotv #WWHL …kind of surprising.” – Chris March (Project Runway, Mad Fashion)

“You are much more butch than they portrayed you last night, fyi!” – Ben Harvey (Radio Host)

If you read regularly, you know I’m a huge Andy Cohen fan. I love me some him. IMHO, I thought the SNL segment was spot-on. Cast member Taran Killam did a fantastic job of capturing Cohen’s loveable quirks. Perhaps, Cohen is sometimes guilty of loving attention too much, but don’t we secretly as well. The references to all the Bravo-lebrities, the live aspect of “Watch What Happens Live” and seemingly random comments like “I’m Like A Shark“, had me laughing in stitches. This weekend’s host Sofia Vergara also shined in the Andy Cohen lampoon. She played one of the characters from Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset“. It was definitely one of her better segments on the show.

Speaking of Sofia, another highlight of the “Modern Family” star’s stint as guest host was her role in the “Hunger Games” spoof. Though on paper it sounded like a great idea, Vergara’s impersonation of Fran Drescher fell flat or should I say loudly. That said, it was part of a brilliant Zooey Deschanel “Bein’ Quirky” segment. The Drew Barrymore, Michael Cera and Deschanel impersonations were all priceless. Sadly, Vergara’s Drescher act disappointed. Oh well. You can’t win them all.

Check out Taram Killam’s take on Andy Cohen below. If you’ve ever watched any of the Housewives reunion specials, you’ll definitely appreciate the brilliant nuances of Killam’s performance.

Did you catch “Saturday Night Live” this weekend? What was your favorite skit? What did you think of Sofia Vergara and One Direction’s performances on the NBC show? Are you saddened by the rumors that Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis are leaving the show. Sound off below.

  • Laurine Mall

    My favorite sketch was the Pantene commercial one. I loved that one, it was hilarious. Sofia Vergaga played herself so well.