As mentioned earlier, today I’m doing a double feature this week for my Man Crush series. Initially, I wanted to pick Andy Cohen as my sole hottie, but I know I’d get complaints from those horny mofos looking for a young hot tight body. Last time I tried to go all cerebral with Chris Cuomo, I received negative feedback- a first for my Crush feature. Well, I wasn’t willing to budge on featuring Cohen so I wrote another post for all of you craving a little chicken. Today is also Andy Cohen’s birthday. How could I not use this opportunity to give Andy a huge virtual HAPPY BIRTHDAY kiss. Love you longtime. If Andy isn’t your thing, check out Cody Longo. I’m sure he’ll satisfy your twink craving.

So why do I love Andy Cohen so much? Normally, silver foxes aren’t my thing, but Cohen breaks those rules. My fascination for Mr. Cohen has evolved to pure on love, as the years have gone by. As each season of “The Real Housewives” wraps up, Cohen’s performance as reunion moderator endears himself more to me. Alex always makes fun of me for crushin’ on Cohen. To me he’s the perfect guy. He’s smart, driven, friends with all the Housewives and has the power to approve or cancel shows on Bravo. His power is so intoxicating. Plus, I love how queenie he gets on the reunion shows and his talk show, “Watch What Happens Live“.

Cohen was born in St. Louis, Missouri on June 2, 1968. Gemini, me likey. His official title for Bravo is Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Development. During his time for the network, he’s earned accolades for his work on “Top Chef“, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy“, “Project Runway” and “Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List” to name a few. He’s also been singled out for his sexiness. Cohen was named “hottest blogger of 2006” by OUT Magazine. In 2010, TV Guide Magazine named Cohen one of the “25 Most Powerful People in Television” (along with Oprah Winfrey, Simon Cowell, Tina Fey, and Jon Stewart). Not bad company. Now that you have a brief overview, check out the hotness that is Andy Cohen. Mazel.

A silver fox hanging out with the dogs.

Tracy Young manhandling my boy, Andy Cohen. Hands off, you lesbian. LOL.

Cohen gets to hang out with some pretty famous people. On the left, Kelly Ripa took that pic. Talking a little spy talk with 007 Daniel Craig on the right.

Cohen was Grand Marshall at this year’s Miami Pride Parade. I was so bummed I missed him by only a week.

Taking a little dip in South Beach. Eat your heart out, David Hasselhoff.

Definitely one of the hottest bloggers. I wonder what online porn he peruses.

He must have the nicest wardrobe. If his BF is the same size, he’s even a luckier beyotch than I thought.

Soaking some rays on the beach. Kinda sexy with his legs slighty apart with his head back. WINK.