Andrew Salgado

Back in 2005, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to an aspiring and inspiring new artist, through my best friend Steph and her friends, named Andrew Salgado. It was during that awkward time where I was gay and visiting her in the prairies, and she knew one other gay guy that she thought would be perfect for me. 

That’s where Andrew Salgado- and his amazing impressionistic art- came into my life. I was directed first to his website: which showcases the majority of his work, dating back to 2002. His evolution of both style and process is apparent through his work, with a brilliant undertone of sexuality to a number of the pieces. Using friends, life and experience for inspiration, Salgado’s work is truly history in the making. Surprisingly, Steph and her friends were right and Andrew and I actually became friends. 

Salgado’s most recent venture has taken him to Europe, the UK to be precise, where he is pursuing further art education at the Chelsea College of Art & Design, taking the Master of Fine Arts/Painting program. His art has taken on a new form, branching out from his stronghold of painting into performance art. His latest project- from his 2009 collection- involves a six-video collection intertwining paint and the male form. Salgado himself is one of the featured “bodies” in each piece, with my personal favourites being “Anything You Want”, both the original and alternate versions. 

My take on Salgado’s art is simple. He’s a forerunner in the art world, willing to take risks and push himself out of his typical comfort zone to create truly amazing pieces of art. Definitely not for the faint of heart, or those individuals who simply want a pretty picture to look at. When viewing Salgado’s art, prepare to be challenged, and left wondering what it his concepts actually mean. 

I’m still working on him to commission a piece for me. I understand now that great art really does take time. 
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  • Are we not telling the world that you dated…? worried you’ll look less reliable as a source hehe? … or that people will be jealous haha. x

  • Nathaniel Bentley

    Andrew ROCKS!!! i was fortuate enough to meet him in 2006 while in canada and have followed his work extensively since then and it has only gotten better and better. i went to his show last night in london, uk and he was unsurprisingly the star as he screened his new and very powerful video. great things await andrew i’m sure!

  • Erik

    Amazing artist!

  • Dutch artist

    In my opion the world needs much more artists like Andrew Salgado! Great works, luv to own one 😉