Andrew Garfield Hasn’t Closed The Door To Being Sexually Attracted To A Man

Andrew Garfield caused controversy last summer after saying he was a gay man “without the physical act.” The 34-year-old actor is once again talking about his sexuality. No doubt, some critics will see this as another queer-baiting stunt.

For the March 2018 issue, OUT magazine talked to Andrew Garfield about stage fright, spirituality, and his role in Broadway’s Angels in America. It’s his comment about not having necessarily closed the door on being sexually attracted to a man that is going viral.

“Up until this point, I’ve only been sexually attracted to women,” Garfield says. “My stance toward life, though, is that I always try to surrender to the mystery of not being in charge. I think most people — we’re intrinsically trying to control our experience here, and manage it, and put walls around what we are and who we are. I want to know as much of the garden as possible before I pass — I have an openness to any impulses that may arise within me at any time.”

Garfield continues, “But, if I were to identify, I would identify as heterosexual, and being someone who identifies that way, and who’s taking on this seminal role, my scariest thought was, ‘Am I allowed to do this?’”

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