Andrew Christian Tones It Down For New, Camping Inspired Video Shoot

The brand Andrew Christian has not only become synonymous with men’s underwear but also with the sexy video campaigns that they have been producing over the last year. For their latest viral video campaign, the company took a slightly less aggressive approach and instead, took us behind the scenes for their newest photo shoot titled, “Wood In The Woods” which is camping themed – how appropriate!

Featuring models Brandon Howell, Matthew McCall and Steven Brewis, the boys pose in Griffith Park and the abandoned Los Angeles Zoo for some sexy photos in the lines newest briefs and trunks. This was Matthew’s first shoot for AC and it didn’t look like he was nervous or shy one little bit. Where this video doesn’t contain booty popping or man groping, it’s still totally sexy. Check out their latest video below.

Wood In The Woods

  • beefy

    a nice change for them. i like how it is about the product b/c i love their products

  • kctan

    Love the low-key approach… still very sexy.

  • daveydvty

    I like how they can show variety in the videos. this one is cute, but I am not going to lie, I can’t wait for the next over the top one 🙂 I want Andrew to get naked!

  • ricci

    wow this matthew is a discovery: very cute and hot looking

  • mitch

    yeah i think so too, the way he shoook his delightful tush and puts out his esexy tongue really got me going and i lost my breath, great beauty this guy