Andrew Christian Boys Do Neon Hitch

Based on recent activity, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Andrew Christian’s main objective is to produce viral videos than sell boxers and briefs. The underwear brand has been pumping out videos featuring hot shirtless models on a regular basis. Whether they’re squirting water guns, having pillow fights, or splashing around at a pool party, the AC models always look sexy as hell. The company sure knows how to pick the hottest studs to fill out their underwear.

For their new clip, Andrew Christian decided to pay tribute to one of their favorite artists, Neon Hitch. The creative team assembled a dynamic line-up of talent and sex appeal to dance and lip-sync to her latest single, “F*ck U Betta“. These performers have been featured in videos and tours with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland and Christina Aguilera. A couple of the more notable dancers are Haus of Gaga dancer, Michael Silas, and “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 5 first runner-up Brandon Bryant. Check out the two and six others booty drop, grind, flex and seduce in the clip below. Be prepared to take a cold shower afterward.

Andrew Christian Underwear Models Do Neon Hitch

Just in case you were wondering what the original music video for Neon Hitch’s track looked like, I’ve embedded it below. What did you think of Andrew Christian’s tribute? Sound off below.

Neon Hitch “F*ck U Betta” Music Video

  • Marck

    I’m gay, but i think that Neon’s version is more hot!

  • LA2NYC

    What an awesome idea to do this! I agree Neon is hot, but these boys are crazy good dancers. WORK IT OUT !

  • twisterinthesky

    Both of these videos are HOT! A little something for everyone! LOL I have never heard of those underwear, but they are sexy

  • MarkDC

    There’s a reason why Andrew Christian has become the number 1 fashion underwear/swimwear designer among gay men in the USA: sex sells. No one ever rose to the top by selling skimpy underwear in plain white packaging.

  • eltonportajohn

    Damn Andrew Christian’s marketing, they are breaking my bank! I always end up buying the underwear from the videos. Their underwear is too damn expensive. They need to lower the prices before they break me!

  • sex come please! come on