Andrew Christian is known for his devilishly delightful online videos to promote his latest styles of underwear. For the holiday season, he’s done it again and it’s a little bit naughty and a little bit nice. Regardless, the brand is definitely bringing some holiday cheer to warm up those cold winter nights with their latest video.

A cute blonde model is at home in the dark when suddenly, we see three sexy elves are hiding in the house. Suddenly, Christmas lights are turned on and our blonde finds himself wearing a pair of red briefs. He turns around as the sexy elves reveal themselves. The four begin to throw their own holiday party and make each other’s spirit’s bright.

The video is quite humoros and cute and features the song “Beat The Beat” by Mike Munich (who is actually the blonde in the video). You have to love a shameless cross-promotion am I right? Check out the video below.

Holiday Cheer from Andrew Christian