Andrew Christian Models ‘Twerk Off’ For You In Their Latest Video

It’s been a while since we posted a new Andrew Christian video and with “twerk” being the buzz work lately, it’s seems appropriate (or inappropriate… ahem… NSFW) to share their latest video “Twerk Off“.

In the clip, the boys are divided: one half in blue briefs, the other in yellow. They take turns in their twerk dance-off, shaking their junk (both front and back). These types of briefs leave very little to the imagination.

In the second part of the video, two of the guys (one of which I met at Andrew Christian’s place at White Party this past year) teach viewers how to twerk. Watch & learn in the privacy of your own home by checking out the sexy video below. #youbettertwerk

  • Juan Velazquez Caceres

    Where is the video??? LOL

  • André Dias

    Haha you have nothing “below” Patrick

  • James

    I see nothing .. no video

  • Glen


  • greendo

  • stranded

    I use to really like AC ads, they were sexy and cute, but they’ve been kind of meh lately. I miss the old gang with Colby, Brett and especially Quinn Jaxon.

  • sexnando

    i just lost part of my dignity tbh