Andrew Christian has made a huge name for himself in the competitive world of underwear, but people often overlook his swimwear collection. With summer here and Prides happening every other weekend, it’s the perfect time to talk about the various options out there. Andrew Christian was nice enough to send a few of their styles for us to test out.

Andrew Christian swimsuits come in three different styles: bikinis, square cut and shorts. Whatever your comfort level is when it comes to showing off your package at the beach, pool or hot tubs, they’ve got a style for you. With their patented body enhancing technologies, AC swimwear can even help enhance certain aspects of your body you want “perked” up.

Their Flashback butt lifting technology can give everyone that the bubble butt they’ve always wanted. While their Show-It products can accentuate your front half for an eye-catching result. Maximum frontal and rear enhancement is of the forefront of their design.

SWIMWEAR: Bikini Styles
Most of their bikini style swimwear features sport UPF 50+ fade resistant fabric. While most of them require hand-washing, they do have a small number that are machine washable. The fabrics AC uses allow for quick-drying. These styles were Patrick’s favorite. He found the body-hugging suits to fit perfectly without feeling like a stuffed sausage. Since Brian and I have a hot tub on our roof deck, we often have people come over to take advantage of the tub. So having a surplus of swimsuits always come in handy. One of those friends fell in love with the Show-It Bikinis so much, I let him keep it. Can’t get a better endorsement than that. Click here to check out the current styles.

SWIMWEAR: Square Cut Styles
The Square Cut styles were the perfect in-between for those who wanted to show more skin without having to say “hello” with a capital H. Surprisingly, the Flashback styles actually did give the illusion of a bubble butt without looking obvious you had a little help. According to AC, most people can add up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) onto their current buttocks measurement. YOWZA. As with their bikini styles, most of the square cuts are hand-wash only. Click here to check out the current styles.

Personally, these were my favorite. I found them to be very comfortable and gave me an option to be more conservative than the other options. With their stylish design, I’m even able to answer the door or pop downstairs to grab the mail without having to change into more appropriate attire. The Tahitian style ones looked brand new even after wearing, washing, and drying them multiple times. To boot, the chemicals from hot tubs and pools didn’t discolor the suits at all. Click here to check out the current styles.

FINAL THOUGHT: I found that overall the quality of the swimsuits were great. Having said that, I had a couple of notable items worth mentioning. Some of suits with bigger decals didn’t wear very well even with handwashing. I did find though, the ones with smaller decals fared much better. For the price point, you certainly get more bang for your buck when compared to others in the same price range. I definitely recommend buying a pair to add to your swimsuit collection.

What’s great about Andrew Christian is that he believes in keeping it in the community. He doesn’t out-source a lot of his production, and has an on-site team that sews, designs and packages his entire line. We even got a tour behind the scenes after we conducted an interview last year.