Andrew Christian is back with another super sexy promo video that features the stunning Richie Nuzzolese and the gorgeous AC soccer team. The video starts off with our favorite YouTube sensations Jessica and Hunter looking very out of place at the local laundry mat. If you watch their videos, you’d know the laundrymat is the opposite of the type of place they’d choose to hang out at. Hunter whines to Jessica about bringing him there on a Friday night, but she insists he stays because she knows whats coming.

Enter a team of hot mischievous soccer players (Nice work, Jessica). The team captain (Richie Nuzzolese) has trouble written all over his face when he says to the other guys, “Lets Do Some Laundry.”

As you’d expect, Andrew Christian models don’t just “do laundry”. They strip down to their underwear (in the spirit of efficiency) and get up to no good (in the spirt of hot fun). Enjoy the video below and see how much fun doing laundry can really be.

Check out the steamy uncensored version on Andrew Christian’s official website.