Andrew Christian Goes On A Sexy Road Trip

The underwear brand just unleashed the first part of their Road Trip series. By Andrew Christian standards, their newest video is relatively tame. Sure, there’s a bevy of hot shirtless boys prancing around in their underwear, man-on-man kissing and a little LOT of crotch grabbing. But kinda PG when compared to their recent risque clips. Buckle up! You’re about to go on a sexy ride.

Fan favorite Colby Melvin joins Quinn Jaxon, Brandon Brown (WOOF), Jason Medina and a bunch of other guys for a shirts-off bus party. Not just any ordinary bus, but one of those fancy dancy ones with a stripper pole, club lights and other gadgets. Salme Dahlstrom’s “Bombastic” plays in the background while the guys do body shots, clean the bus, pump gas and other antics. My favorite part is when Colby goes to town on a big banana. Boy has got some serious deep-throating skills.

Andrew Christian ‘Road Trip’ Video

How much fun would it be to watch AC film one of these videos? A lot, I would assume. How do I get myself on set one of these days? What do you think of part one of Road Trip? Who’s your favorite Andrew Christian underwear model? Sound off below.

  • Art

    Colby for sure .. He is perfect. Maybe Steven as well.


    i love these videos so much. Anyone involved with these are seriously the luckiest people in the world

  • Kenny

    Quinn Jaxon

  • Colby, by far.

  • >=O

    quinn did the deepthroat banana…
    and god brandon and colby are such a hot couple

  • hotdiggity

    yeah, i would do pretty much anything to watch ColbBrandon fuck

  • Ian

    I loved that last bit as I’ve been wondering if Colby/Brandon/Quinn have ever gotten friendly enough to have some closed door fun together!