Andrew Christian has kicked off 2012 with a mega sexy video called “Peep Show“. In the video, Quinn Christopher Jaxon (my favorite AC Model) walks into a control room that has cameras in various rooms. As you can expect, something naughty or slutty is going on in each and every one of them.

It’s almost as if Jaxon broke into Andrew Christian’s master control room, taking a peek at what it’s like to be watching for a change, as opposed to always being watched. HA! Just kidding… Jaxon gets so turned on by what he sees that he becomes part of the show as well. The hottie ends up taking off all of his clothes and grabbing a bottle of Wet Platinum to help with his…activity. Let’s just say he loses the remote in his hand and replaces it with something else.

This video is really well done, super hot, and absolutely NSFW. That’s right, wait until you have a few minutes in the privacy of your own home before you watch this bad boy… or bad boys in this case. 😉

Andrew Christian – ‘Peepshow’ (NSFW)