Things Get Wet & Wild In Andrew Christian’s Miami Car Wash Video

Andrew Christian underwear videos are getting so racy, the only day I feel comfortable posting them is on Saturdays. If they get any hotter, I probably can’t share them anymore. Oh well, I’ll just have to enjoy them privately 😉

If you thought the underwear brand’s previous car wash video was hot, this one is off the chains hot. This time around, the AC boys partake in watery fun in Miami with the help of Island House and Gotta love Andrew Christian for monetizing their clips with product placement. Much respect. Check out Alex Sanchez, Antonio Biaggi, Diego Vena, Javier Morales, Pablo Hernandez and others clean a car with their ample assets.

What do you think of Andrew Christian’s videos? Are they getting too racy? Or do you want them to push the boundaries even more? Sound off below.

  • I’m torn – on the one hand, less is more sometimes (especially when it comes to sex appeal). On the other hand there isn’t anything wrong with showing your body off with pride. I guess in the end my only object to Andrew Christian videos is they can be a little tacky sometimes (there I said it).

  • Russel

    I think they are great, the male version of a Victoria’s Secret commercial. They reflect what every guy wants to see as Victoria’s Secret does.
    Makes me want to do more squats and crunches.

  • I’m a bit torn too. While Women have been doing this kind of thing for ever with carwashes in underwear I didn’t find it racy at all. The licking the ass part was a bit unnecessary.

    And yes zipper they can be a BIT tacky.

    Although lollipop boy stole my heart, what a queen he was the star!

  • Liam

    Agree with Zipper

  • Peter

    AC: It’s time to stop the teasing and make a jackoff video.

  • KB

    Anyone know what song that is – it was pretty sweet

  • Belladonna

    Homorizzi if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t know about Andrew Christian’s or his videos so for that Godbless you. Lol And RuPaul DragRace is always showing AC underwear as But the I thing I can’t stand is they never have a lot of people of color or anyone thats dark skinned? Like not one East Asian guy whats up with that? And to @Russel they would be like Victoria’s Secret but VS has models of color in there ads and at the end of the more different kind of people you try to get the more money you make. BottomLine ! Lol (U get it) lol