What better way to spend a Saturday than by watching a bunch of good-looking guys strutting their sexiness for the world to see. As you know, I try to save my more salacious posts for the weekend so that our readers don’t have to impatiently wait to go home and watch the NSFW video. The latest for Andrew Christian is definitely that. Lots of bare booty-popping all over the place.

The underwear designer held a jock fashion show at West Hollywood’s Abbey a few weeks ago. TV personality Bruce Vilanch and Andrew Christian hosted the event. A behind-the-scenes clip has found its way online featuring all your favorite AC models, including Colby Melvin, Brandon Brown, Quinn Jaxon, Cory Lee and many more. Check out the guys as they horse around at Andrew Christian’s flagship store before making their way to the runway. Watch the titillating clip below.

Andrew Christian Jock Fashion Show

Are you a fan of Andrew Christian’s sexy videos? Do you wear his underwear? If not, what’s your favorite brand? Sound off below.