Andrew Christian underwear are definitely among the most popular, but they’ve definitely raised the bar (…in turn causing other things to “rise”) with their steamy videos as of late. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this is the hottest video they’ve done to date.

The just released video is called “Freshman Car Wash” where a bunch of hot guys wearing only Andrew Christian, wash a car… while they themselves get dirty (if you know what I mean). As you watch the video, be prepared to see some big packages. Seriously, one of those guys would definitely win the “Wet T-Shirt Contest” if those contests were for men… in their underwear.

Enjoy the video and some of the steamy pictures from the shoot below.

This hot car wash staff party will make you stiff, that’s for sure…

Hotness no matter where you look!

“Freshman Car Wash” Video

Check out more photos from the shoot here. Also, believe it or not there’s an even hotter, NSFW (and too hot for YouTube) version of the video as well. Naughty touching, naked butts, wedgies, and lathering each other down. You can find this video here. You’re welcome.