Andrew Christian Models Go On A ‘Field Trip’ In Sexy New Video

The Andrew Christian models are back with another sexy video and this one is up there with some of their naughtiest. The boys hop aboard a colorful bus that is bound for White Party 2013 in Palms Springs, put on by Jeffrey Sanker. As the video begins, the question is asked: “What would do you to get on to the White Party bus?”

The models are wearing nothing but AC underwear as they get on board – the bus driver included. When the bus won’t start, the driver has to hot-wire it and he does so successfully. While on the road, the guys go wild in the back and are doing anything but staying in their seats. When they stop for gas, they decide to take the hot gas station attendant with them. Fittingly, the song playing in the background is a remix of “Yummy Boyz” by Meital Dohan which features lyrics like “Tasty and Yummy” and “These boys are hot & horny“. Perfect fit, right?

Hop aboard the White Party bus with the AC boys by checking out the video below. For many of our readers, you have the day off so you many not have to worry about the “Not Safe For Work” factor. For the rest of you, you’ve been warned.

*NSFW* – Andrew Christian ‘Field Trip’ Video (Uncensored Version)

*UPDATE: Since the censored version was taken down off of YouTube, there is only the uncensored version. Watch the video above in the privacy of your own home because this version is very, very naughty.

  • andrew

    Andrew Christian should hire models from Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher Studios who are much hotter and more physically beautiful than these guys.

  • signs

    I think the Andrew Christian models are SO HOT! I am not sure what you are talking about ^^

  • peaseandlurve

    this must be the best company to work for in the world. such a hot video!

  • rajmalhotra

    in india ur product is not available

  • M

    lol this is bordering softcore porn lol, saying this in a non-complaining manner 🙂

  • Very hot! HD version? 😛