Andrew Christian Models Go To ‘Booty Camp’

Since their “Jockstrap Cowboys” video was a little too racy to publish on the site, we’re grateful to have another to share with you just in time for the weekend. This time the Andrew Christian models go to bootcamp… no wait, “Booty Camp“.

In the video, the boys are rock hard… I mean lifting rocks, working up a sweat – you know, bootcampy-type things. It’s all about teamwork and helping a brother out, right? WINK 😉 You’ve got the usual suspects, including Steven Dehler, Jason Medina, and more.

Check out the sexy video below to see what the boys get up too. Even though they’re at a bootcamp, they always make some time for play. Be good this weekend, otherwise you might get sent to “Booty Camp” Wait, you’d like that wouldn’t you? Haha. Enjoy!