Andrew Christian Holds Auditions In Latest Clip

In the vein of So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol, Andrew Christian holds auditions of his own. The lucky ones to advance get a ticket to Las Vegas for the MATINÉE Festival over Memorial Day weekend. It’s four days of fun that includes eight parties, 20 DJs and lots of hot boys.

In charge of handing out the coveted tickets are Pandora Boxx, Davey Wavey, Todrick Hall and Andrew Christian himself. Watch them as they drool, manhandle and rate the sexy studs paraded in front of them. Note to future hopefuls: Flirt with Pandora. From the looks of it, she’s your best bet to advance. Also making appearances in the promo video are Drag Race alums Raja and Manila Luzon.

While it’s not as racy as their other videos, it does showcase a lot of jiggling bare booties and salacious behavior, ergo me saving it til Saturday to post the NSFW clip. Enjoy and if you’re in Vegas, have fun and be on the look out for the AC boys.

  • Its about 2.5 minutes too long.

  • Sean

    Anyone know who sings the song in this video? It doesn’t mention it in the credits.

  • Peter

    It’s about time AC makes a gayporn DVD, based around the making of a commercial for his underwear. Tired of the teasing.

  • Kevin

    I kind of felt that the second guys rejection was disconcerting. Like, I get what the models are supposed to look like, but jeez. I don’t know, maybe its just me.

  • VanCity

    I don’t get a hard on from his vids anymore, they have gotten boring

  • Ozzy

    @ Kevin
    I totally agree with you…but i guess sex sells

  • Alan Ambriz

    OMG,I NEED the name of the model at 1:00, someone knows who he is? I’M IN LOVEEE.

  • VanCity

    samuel garfield @alan ambriz

  • stranded

    the pudgy ginger was really handsome.

  • John

    Does anyone know the song and who it’s by???

  • JordanS

    Does anybody know the name of the model who got the sign from Todrick saying “Once you go black…”? He was so gorgeous I need to know lol

    Also I’d kill to see a full on porn with the men that Andrew Christian gets.