BC native, Andrew Allen made a big splash this summer with his hit single, Loving You Tonight. The acoustic guitar driven, pop/rock earworm was on repeat quite frequently on my iPod last month and after seeing him perform the track live, I became a permanent fan. I also had a chance to chat with him after his performance where he told me about his new single, Satellite which is available on iTunes today.

While the track still showcases Allen’s crisp vocals, the instrumentation takes a little steer away from acoustic/pop and turns more in the direction of pop/dance. Allen sings out, “I know you’re gonna be fine. Just step away from the broken power lines. I know we don’t have much time. Just take those feathers and glue them together and fly, like a satellite.” I absolutely love the track and think that a good remix would definitely do the song some good to reach an even broader audience.

Andrew Allen, “Satellite” Lyric Video

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