Anderson Davis Returns As Kraft Zesty Guy

Chalk up another failure for One Million Moms. Kraft ignored their silly complaints and ordered a second helping of their sexy Zesty Guy.

Model Anderson Davis returns to show off his chiseled pecs for the salad dressing brand. This time he’s saddling up, being buried in sand and showing off his (tennis) balls to promote Kraft’s Raspberry Vinaigrette, Classic Catalina, Thousand Island, and Classic Ranch. Check out the new images snapped by WOOF-licious photographer Douglas Friedman.

  • ???

    He’s absolutely straight, JUST LIKE ALL the male models.

    I’m totally sure that male hunks all are straight and a hunky man couldn’t be gay or bisexual, specially personal trainers.

  • Votta

    He’s the poor man’s Marco Dapper.

  • There is so much airbrushing! lol I’m sure he looked hotter before.

  • Woohoo. 🙂 It’s always a good thing to get zesty. Glad that he’s back for more (and that OMM has lost… wonder how they will spin this on their site).

  • Mikhailsfl

    @Josh: 99.9% of all models, male/female are airbrushed so not sure what your point is @??? does is matter if he is straight? And btw, my ex, a male model, and OMG, do I dare say it, a personal trainer is gay.. lol and finally, @Brendan: Amen!!