More “Anderson” To Come!

Christmas has come early boys and… well, boys!

Just two months into it’s first season and despite having not-so-stellar ratings in the beginning, Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, “Anderson”, has been picked up for a second season. The gorgeous silver fox has already won over audiences on his CNN news show “Anderson Cooper 360” and now he’s managed to win over the afternoon crowd as well.

As a gay guy, I’m faced with a tough decision everyday around four o’clock. Do I support my girl Ellen Degeneres on her talk show OR do I drool over the swoon-worthy Anderson? I’ll be honest, usually Ellen gets my vote because she’s so damn funny, but after taking a closer look at the “Anderson” website however, I realized that I may have to watch it a little more!

I have to hand it to Anderson, it was a risky move on his part to start this show. With Oprah gone (sad face), everyone was trying to get a piece of the daytime pie, but he managed to put together a “light” show that appeals to so many… and not to mention, look good doing it!

Just for fun, I’ve included some cute pictures of Anderson. Enjoy!

  • Craig

    OMG I love Anderson!

  • I can’t get enough of Anderson Cooper. From his giggle fest with the Gerard Depardeau peeing on a plane story to his giggle fests with Kathy Griffin on New Year’s Eve shows, he’s my idea of a man. I’m so happy to see his successes and wish him all the best in his career.