Watch Anderson Cooper Get A Spray Tan With Snooki

Anderson Cooper continues to come out of his shell – and apparently out of his clothing too! I enjoyed seeing the lovable silver fox get into a little giggle fit a few weeks ago and yesterday, we got to see him strip down and get a spray tan with none other than Snooki on his show, Anderson.

Snooki is not only an expert in drinking her face off, but also at the spray tan and thus was there to supervise Anderson’s spray tanning experience. (Sidenote: This is not Anderson’s first time spray tanning on television. I’ve included a second clip as well) Taking a break before she even started, Snooki decided to get her teeth whitened. Anyway, here’s something I didn’t know about spray tanning. I didn’t realize people were spraying on muscle definition!? I’ve had a spray tan once or twice but the machine just sprayed everywhere. There are certain tanning salons that actually brush on your definition with a darker shade – and they did just that for Anderson! I will say that I did once get the “air brush” treatment for an event with Redd, but I don’t think that’s the same thing).

Watch Anderson take it off and get a tan line below, with Snooki as his wing-man lady.

  • Aceist

    Same reaction with Snooki. Never knew Andy had a defined body. Hrrrrrrrr….