Anderson Cooper Examines Results Of “Sissy Boy Syndrome” Therapy

Last night on “AC360º“, Anderson Cooper learned about a shocking “experimental therapy” that was designed to make feminine boys (which they referred to as having”Sissy Boy Syndrome”) more masculine. Specifically, we were told the story of a boy named Kirk Andrew Murphy. His family said that his feminine behavior left him feeling different from everyone else. When his mother saw something on television about an “experimental therapy” taking place at UCLA that was designed to reverse these “exaggerated feminine behaviors”, she made the phone call that would change everything (but now how she intended).

Murphy went through a very traumatic childhood as a result of the therapy. In the video you’re about to watch, his brother and sister explain how their brother became a completely different person as a result. They are brought to tears as they explain everything they witnessed growing up.

The family decided to speak up now because they recently realized that various published books by George A. Rekers, the man who did the therapy other their brother, stated that the therapy on their brother was a success and that he was no longer feminine as a result. The therapy was in fact far from a success. (Sidenote: You should know that George A. Rekers himself was the center of a gay scandal when he went on a European vacation with an escort from

This is just awful. I am so grateful that I didn’t have to go through or witness something like this. I hope more parents start waking up and realizing that being “gay” is not a “syndrome” and it is not something that can be “fixed”. My heart goes out to anyone that has been through something like this. George A. Rekers is a terrible person.

  • Tyson

    That’s absolutely disgusting, I literally feel like throwing up after watching that.
    That being said, where is their dad? Maybe he’s dead, but I would like to know why he wasn’t there, and what he would say if her was.
    And I don’t like that the mother took part in this and acts like she has any right to be shocked at her son’s death. If you think your son needs to be fixed because he’s different in the first place there is something wrong with YOU. Anytime during that program the mother or father could have pulled him out, but they didn’t. And now she sits there talking as though she thought the world of a child she didn’t care enough about the raise herself? Beautiful.
    “Sissy-boy syndrome”? Really? I thought this video was a joke at first. How many years of university down the drain for that?

  • Tim

    I’m glad this side is finally getting out in mass media. While not exactly the same sort of thing, my family was urging me to seek “help” along similar avenues of which I flatly refused. Given that I was no longer a minor was probably what saved me from being forced into it.
    I have to say though, I think the mother in this case did what she thought was the appropriate thing all things considered. She doesn’t sound like she was particularly educated, and back 30 some odd years ago, we didn’t have the understanding of things like we have today. Most of what parents do is out of protective fear of the unknown. I’m sure she had some self serving motives (I don’t want MY son to be some homo), but I’m sure she also wanted to make sure he had a “normal” life. And when some snakeoil salesman says he can fix something amongst the unwashed masses, people jump on board.
    I should add that I was spanked when I was little – not for “effeminate” behavior, but it was a common (and effective) form of punishment. But I agree the whole idea is morally reprehensible. Being a “sissy-boy” is NOT something you need to “fix” anyone of.