Anderson Cooper Puts Courtney Stodden’s “Halloween Haters” On The RidicuList

How is it possible to love Anderson Cooper more and more every day? He has the same sense of humor I do with his ridiculous puns and I love it. In his latests segment of “THE RIDICULIST,” Anderson addresses the people that had 17-year old Courtney Stodden kicked out of a pumpkin patch because of her overly slutty outfit and over the top PDA affection with her dad husband, 51-year old character actor Doug Hutchison. It just so happened that a professional photographer was there with them at the pumpkin patch (yeah, right), and took photos of the two in some very suggestive sexual poses. Some of the pictures of Stodden showed too much “Crack-O-Lantern,” as Anderson put it.

In addition to their pumpkin problems, Cooper also talks about Stodden’s awful music video that was uploaded last year, titled “Don’t Put It On Me”. You can see at that time, she’s already made her unfortunate hooker transformation as she sings her trashy lyrics. I’ve included the video below (which has over two million hits) as well as some “before” pictures of Stodden when she actually looked pretty.

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  • lmao @ crack-o-lantern. cute + funny.

  • Come on guys, get rill, LIFE is a pumpkin patch and we’re all slutty 17 year old girls making out with our 51 year old husbands in one way or another.

  • Jim Killoch

    I love Anderson, but it is time for that boy to come out! It’s way past his time!

  • Brian

    WHY does ANYONE give a crap about this trash??!! Just go away and leave us all alone! And I agree with Jim….WAYYYYYY past time for Andy to just admit he’s gay.For the love of God,he’s admitted to being addicted to My Super Sweet 16 and The real Housewives…..Admitting that he might just as well have been on Time saying ” Yup I’m Gay “