Let’s be honest. We’ve known that Anderson Cooper has played for our team for quite some time now. Okay, we may not know, we just assume. But come on. Isn’t it blatantly obvious? Let’s look at the facts. He’s been seen out in public with longtime boyfriend Benjamin Maisani in plain sight and has laughed at himself when called closeted in front of colleagues.

Now an annonymous source who has tipped off Gawker is claiming that Anderson may be ready to come out of the closet on his daytime talk show during February sweeps. We know that the show has already been picked up for second season so they aren’t that desperate for ratings. But, it would finally be the news we’ve all be dying to hear, am I right boys? Here’s Gawker’s published tip.

Daytime talk show “Anderson” is having their first Christmas party [tonight], 15 December, at the Russian Tea Room. Anderson Cooper is bringing Benjamin Maisani. And introducing him as his “boyfriend” to the staff. The staff is prepping Anderson’s “coming out” show for the next sweeps. Check the ratings. They’re getting desperate.

Brian Moylan from Gawker placed a call to the Russian Tea Room who confirmed that Anderson was indeed hosting his Christmas party there. While some of you may be shocked that Anderson will be introducing Benjamin Maisani as his boyfriend, I’m sure he’s being doing it with close friends and family for a while. Rumor has it the two live together in a firehouse turned condo. PS, if you’ve seen pictures of Benjamin, you know these two have the hottest gay sex you can fantasize.

In all fairness, if Anderson has been gay this whole time like we’ve been assuming, then it’s about time he made the announcement. I have understood his reasoning behind it due to the fact that he’s wanted to stay neutral with his journalism. However, with the way things have been going for the LGBT community worldwide, it would be a great opportunity for him to take the giant leap.

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