Someone has a lot of xplainin’ to do. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Just weeks after officially coming out, Anderson Cooper is at the center of a highly-publicized cheating scandal. The CNN anchor’s longtime boyfriend, Ben Maisani, was seen kissing another man at a New York park.

Not that I’m an expert on these type of matters, but if you’re romantically involved with a high-profile celebrity and you’re going to cheat on them, choosing to play tonsil hockey with another person in public, probably isn’t the wisest thing to do. No? Even if they have an open relationship, Maisani has to realize that if he gets caught it’ll be splashed all over the internet given the celebrity status of his boyfriend. Check out a pic after the jump.

For more pictures of Ben Maisani making out with the long-haired stud, click here.

If reports by are true, perhaps these pictures of Ben making out with this guy are much ado about nothing. Reportedly, Maisani moved out of the converted fire house that Cooper and him shared weeks ago. The website also goes on to state that the silver-haired fox reporter has moved on with a new man, Gavin Hammon, an aspiring actor SLASH real estate broker. Oh the soap opera that is the “Gays of Our Lives“. I can’t wait to tune in to the next episode to see what happens next 😉

Just in case you were wondering what Maisani looks like shirtless. Here’s a couple of photos taken of him bartending at his gay bar, Eastern Bloc, located in the East Village. Woof daddy. He’s one sexy beast.

What do you think of the gay Robert Pattinson/Kristin Stewart scandal? Do you think Anderson is upset with the pics of Ben floating around the internet? Sound off below.