Hotel Review: Andaz West Hollywood

High on top of the Sunset Strip, the Andaz West Hollywood stands tall looking over the Los Angeles skyline. The 238-room Hollywood landmark is the epitome of laid-back elegance and chic cosmopolitan style. On our most recent trip to Los Angeles, Brian and I decided to check the hotel out for a romantic night away from Homorazzi duties. After our stay, I can honestly say, I’m extremely happy with our choice. The fabulous Andaz was the perfect place to relax, unwind and indulge.

It’s hard to imagine this was the former Hyatt on Sunset which was notoriously known as the hangout for hard-partying rockers during the 1970s. So much so it was often referred to as the Riot House. After going through a complete renovation done by architecture & interior design firm Jason Goldstein, the Hyatt was rebranded as the Andaz West Hollywood. The word Andaz means “personal style” in Hindi and is the perfect word to describe the hotel. The West Hollywood location is the first Andaz property in North America and keeping true to the meaning of its name, the property reflects its Californian surroundings and rock and roll history. Making the WeHo location stand apart from all other Andaz properties- definitely not a cookie-cutter hotel here.

The minute you walk in the lobby, you’re overcome with the visually modern design. The sleek sophisticated lines make you feel like you’re in a modern contemporary museum but with warmth. Throughout the hotel, unique local artwork is prominently displayed adding to the ambiance. If any of the pieces connect with you, their available for sale. Now, if only I had room for those tall sculptures in our downtown Vancouver condo. It’s those type of personal touches that walking through the hotel an experience unto all itself. The gorgeous roof-top swimming pool doesn’t hurt either. Given that it’s the highest roof-top pool in LA, the vistas are absolutely breathtaking.

Personal style is echoed throughout your experience in the hotel. The employees don’t wear uniforms, but rather “real outfits” they’ve personally picked out with the help of a stylist. The rooms themselves also have fun subtle differences that separates them from the entire 238 suites. For instance in our room, the sunrooms each have a different saying in each one. Ours was appropriately enough “California Knows How To Party“. Damn right, they do. Fun fact, these sunrooms were once balconies before transformed to visually stunning light-infused glass rooms. Back in the day, the balconies use to be the site for rocker mayhem. Whether it was rockers hanging off them or rebelliously throwing items from them, these former balconies have certainly seen it all. Another fun touch in our room was the collection of old vinyl records. Sadly, there wasn’t working player to play them but they were fun to look at it. Apparently, some people even take them as souvenirs. Hilarballs.

You definitely get what you pay for at the Andaz. The rooms are very spacious and beds extremely comfortable. I’m a stickler for a clean modern bathroom and the Andaz delivers on all fronts. And get ready for this extra perk. All healthy snacks and nonalcoholic beverages are complimentary and replenished daily. No overpriced minibar items here. The free stuff doesn’t stop there. Complimentary espresso and ice tea is available to all guests in the Andaz Lounge. In the afternoon, a sampling of wine is offered, once again, for free to guests. Talk about Southern California hospitality.

Overall, I highly recommend the Andaz Hotel the next time you’re in West Hollywood. It’s the perfect hotel looking for a mid-range priced hotel. Whether its Pride or the numerous other events occurring in LA, the Andaz is conveniently located no matter what itinerary. It’s definitely walking distance to all the amazing WeHo nightlife has to offer. On on those extra “fun” nights, rolling distance. LOL.

Andaz West Hollywood Fun Facts

  • “Almost Famous” and “This is Spinal Tap” were filmed there.
  • David Bowie, Ray Charles, and John Lennon have held soirees at the former Hyatt.
  • Back in 1963 it opened as Gene Autry’s Hotel Continental. It was the Sunset STrip’s first high-rise hotel.
  • Keith Richards hurled a large TV from his tenth-floor room
  • Jim Morrison dangled from a window by his fingertips
  • Axel Rose tossed seared steaks to fans below.
  • Andaz follows a wide variety of eco-friendly/green practices

Riot House

As part our quality time together, we decided to have dinner at the Andaz’s in-house restaurant, appropriately called RH (Riot House). The restaurant is very spacious with its fluid airy design. One particular design aspect I loved was the 400-bottle copper-fluted wine wall. Whether you’re a party of two, sixteen or require a private dining area, RH has you covered. Brian and I enjoyed a three course meal. It was a culinary delight. I practically devoured my duck confit. I was so full, but had to sample their delicious dessert offerings. I blame our very convincing and friendly waitress for convincing us to take a sinfully decadent dip with the culinary confections.

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