Anaface: Facial Beauty Analysis


I came across this website online that scores your face according to your features and It is based on the geometry of a person’s face, and on substantial scientific research and statistical analysis.  Anaface gives you a numeric evaluation of how you look. Users can upload a photo of their face and get an instant rating of their beauty so they can emphasize their most positive features and downplay the negative ones.

I don’t really believe that mathematically perfect faces equal that of an attractive person. To me it’s the little things (imperfections, dare I say) that make someone unique. Yes it sounds cliché I know. It’s like guys with big ears (ears that stick out), I find that to be very cute and there’s something about it that I love.

I ran the analysis on one of my photos and here are the results:


I scored a 8.54 out of 10. Here’s why (according to the analysis):

  • Your face has poor horizontal symmetry.
  • Your ears are too long for your nose.
  • Your inner ocular distance is too big for your eyes.
  • The ratio of your face width to nose width is nearly ideal.
  • Your face is too narrow/too long.
  • The ratio of your mouth width to nose width is nearly ideal.

Let’s not take this test too seriously because at the end of the day beauty really is subjective and we all have different tastes and types in what we find attractive.

How did you score? Share it in the comments section below.

  • Airec

    I just did it and I got most of the same comments as you, and the exact same score.

  • Nic O.

    scored .12 higher than you. that makes me better right?

  • Hehe.. 8.82, but I think I got lucky with my mouth in the pic i used 😛
    christ, what’s a 10 look like? i’m thinking perfect symmetry would just look fake haha

  • It makes you .12 more symmetrical in the face than me Nic… def better than me LOL

    Airec… you’re like my face symmetry twin!

    Yeah I think it really depends on the pic you use in this case so it doesn’t make it very accurate. I couldn’t find a pic of me that was head on cause I know my angles and I’m a 3/4 profile kinda guy LOL.

  • Russ

    If I repositioned the dots just slightly, the numbers changed a lot! My photo is 7-8, depending on how I interpreted it.

  • Yeah the results can be manipulated depending on where you place the dots… I think the real machine that does this would be more accurate since it does it in a 3D environment instead of a 2 dimensional image.

  • bruin

    Adam – add your personality and it’s a perfect 10!

  • hahaha bruin, do you KNOW me in person? god, not even my best friends would say that! but I thank you for the comment anyway!! 😀

  • bruin

    perfect symmetry shows in photos. no need for me to step foot in 20F degree weather ha

  • you’re adorable! i keep forgetting you’re in cali weather you lucky jerk 😛 and it’s frickin’ freezing up here right now, you’re right.

  • bruin

    oh my god. you just said cali. that cracked a smile on my face bc only non-californians say cali. anyway, freezing vancouver just means more hot tub time.

  • Harlequin

    Or sawing off your leg, due to frostbite. I suppose hot-tubbing is a more attractive thought though.

  • eo

    I got a 9,5

  • Nice “eo”!

  • boo

    i got an 9.62. i dont think this thing is that accurate though because im not like super good looking or anything

  • boo


  • Joooolia

    It doesn’t take cheekbones into consideration, and the angle of the picture makes a BIG difference.

    David Bowie only got an 8.91… I don’t trust it. >_>

  • luci

    so 10 is the best???

  • Barry

    You weren’t suppose to be smiling in this anaface test so you need to redo it.

  • asafyy

    this is bullshit as hell i did couple of photos of supermodel bar refali model she got only 8.00, and i got only 7.3 and people tell me im verry pretty so wtf??

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  • Fred

    I’m fugly. I have a face only a mum can love. Yet I scored 8.15 and got similar results (poor horizontal symmetry, eye distance too high,…) The guy on this site seems like the typical pretty boy all girls of nowadays would love though. (bit feminine)
    So this system doesn’t seem very accurate. I didn’t really even know where to place initial point as I’m bald…

  • Milka

    It just depend to the place where you put the points on your picture, according to it you can just score higher/or not. But it is true that symetrical face with certain proportion can look somewhat attractive, somehow as you said it’s just yourself – eg your personnality, your style, your unique self 🙂 that will make your face look good – or not ! 🙂