Swedish Singer AMWIN Debuts ‘Dua Lipa’ Music Video

At first glance, I thought Dua Lipa just released a new track titled “Amwin.” Turns out it’s the other way around. Savvy move on the up-and-coming singer to title a song after the reigning Grammy Best New Artist winner.

AMWIN, born Amanda Winberg, is a rising star from Sweden. She’s already released a couple of buzzworthy tracks including “Uber” and DeLorean.” She certainly loves using pop culture items as titles. Her latest stunt, naming it after the “New Rules” hitmaker will certainly generate buzz. Hell, it got me to check it out.

When asked why she named it “Dua Lipa,” she told Women In Pop, “Dua Lipa is the shit. She’s super hot, really cool and most people, I think, would do anything for her. Like I would for my crush in the song. Honestly, while making this song it was just the first person I thought of, like, ‘Who else is better than ice cream? Ah, Dua Lipa.’”

When talking to Billboard, AMWIN revealed the bubbly track has a melancholic side. “When falling in love I find myself floating between those emotions. Struggling with the fear of losing control and fear of breaking. I wanted to capture that part of my person as well as the joyful side of love,” she explained.

Check out the clip below directed by Nicolina Knapp and shot on location in Spain. It’s fun and might actually catch on. Share your thoughts after below.

AMWIN ‘Dua Lipa’ Music Video