Who would want to live there!!!? AND, who would pay $1.15 million to do so! That’s what the asking price is for this famous house on 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville on the south shore of Long Island, NY – brought to most of our attention by the horror flick The Amityville Horror.

In 1975, a family of 6 was actually brutally murdered in the house. The movie that most of us have all seen was based on the terrifying things the Lutz family that moved in afterward experienced. They had moved into the colonial house for what was a steal of a deal at the time – $80,000. Now, throw in extreme paranormal activity and a history of murders that have occurred in the house and the property value goes up dramatically! Apparently the house is literally to die for.

I understand the “cool” factor in that you’d own something so famous and perhaps it might be a little exhilarating to live or stay in a place that is considered extremely haunted by paranormal activity. But, at the end of the day, 6 people were murdered in there and that to me would be a deal breaker in deciding if I was going to live in a place or not. If the person who buys this place is actually going to live in there, their house is going to become who they are: “The people that own the Amityville horror house.” Woopdeedoo. Your claim to fame – and the way you choose to live the rest of your life. Riding the coatails of the famous brutal murder of an entire family.

Chances are it’s just going to be bought by someone who has so much money they don’t know what to do with it, and no one will actually live in the house.

Would you ever live in a home knowing someone was murdered there?