Music Interview: R&B Sensation, Amerie


Amerie is back and better than ever. Back in 2005, Amerie’s go-go infused crossover hit, “1 Thing”, ruled the airwaves and now she’s back and better than ever. Amerie’s newest single, “Why R U” is climbing the charts and poised to become a huge summer hit. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to chat with this talented Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter. Taking the time out of her hectic schedule, Amerie discussed her latest single and video, upcoming projects and more with yours truly. Being a huge fan of Amerie definitely got the better of me as you can definitely hear my voice crackle in a couple of spots and for this I apologize.

Amerie Interview: Part One Topics

  • video shoot concept
  • touring & promotions
  • club remixes
  • support from the gay community
  • playing gay venues
  • musical influences
  • growing up as a military brat
  • korean pop
  • acting career

Amerie Interview: Part Two Topics

  • career options besides entertainment
  • twitter
  • female comic book characters
  • record label changes
  • dream musical collaborations
  • questions from Homorazzi’s Topher & Kevin
  • Beyoncee & fans
  • celeb crushes

Hope you enjoyed my interview with Amerie. As stated at the end of part two, I was definitely nervous during the interview. I always find conducting interviews via the phone always more difficult than in person as I like to talk with my hands and feed off the energy that comes with seeing the person you’re talking with. Especially in this case, I really think I would’ve sounded far less monotone and more animated had Amerie been sitting across me. In fact, I’d be bold enough to say that the two of us could’ve been BFFs after our chat (Okay I may be far off on this one but you never know, it could’ve totally happened. lol).

  • Brett

    Awesome interview! I’ve always adored Amerie – she’s incredibly talented and gorgeous. The Touch album was amazing! She’s got this really unique airy voice that is still somehow so powerful, and she uses it to make music unlike anything else out there that still manages to perform decently well. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t worship her instead of Beyonce (or any other current R&B singer) because she’s got it.

  • Thanks for the comment, Brett. I totally enjoyed talking with her and agree she’s one of the most under appreciated singers around. I have a feeling her new album is going to blow up.