America’s Next Top Model Might Live On After All


News of America’s Next Top Model’s untimely death may have been greatly exaggerated. The long-running reality show might not yet be headed to the television graveyard after all.

Just a couple weeks ago, The CW announced it was canceling ANTM. According to the network, Cycle 22 would be the last and a retrospective special was slated to air next year. Hardcore fans should be pleased to learn that Cycle 23 might become a reality. reports producer Ken Mok is making formal presentations to cable networks and streaming outlets in the coming weeks, after he fielded an outpouring of interest from them about a new installment. Though no longer the ratings powerhouse it once was, ANTM performs well on cable networks like VH1, Bravo and Oxygen where reruns are aired.

Will Tyra Banks be involved? The news outlet reveals finding a potential new home has her approval. If it lands somewhere else, Banks is expected to stay on as co-producer but no word on whether she’ll appear in front of the camera has leaked. You can’t have ANTM with TyTy but a changing of the guard would be nice. Do you agree? Happy that the modeling competition might live on? Weigh in below.

  • Ant

    You think Tyra’s ego will let her stay behind the camera? A big lol from me.

  • Origami Rose

    as long as tyra isnt hosting and the show let go of the unnecessary gimmicks. lower the age range to 16-17 where real models usually start their careers in modelling.

  • James

    And let them finish school before honoring any commitment after the show if ever they win.