Tyra Banks Shares First Promo Pic For ANTM Cycle 24

When VH1 resurrected America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks hired Rita Ora to host the revival. After sitting out for Cycle 23, the head bitch in charge is back and looking fiercer than ever.

The 43-year-old mogul shared the first promo pic for ANTM Cycle 24. She’s shown posing with returning judges Ashley Graham, Drew Elliot and Law Roach in front of the show’s logo. Check it out below.

While I thought Ora did a decent job hosting, I’m glad Mama Banks is back. The show truly isn’t the same without her and all her Tyra-isms. Will you watch her return?

ANTM Cycle 24 is slated to air this December on VH1. It will mark the first time in the competition’s history that no age limit was implemented.