As many of you know, I love Top Model. I also love to hate it… mostly because I have grown weary of Tyrant’s incessant ego tripping. Remember when she actually mentored the girls? Remember when they actually went to fashion capitals? Anyways, over the years there have many amazing moments of reality television and even a few glimmers of real modeling. I took a look back at all the cycles and picked my favourite two shots from each season. Then I ranked them. One shot from Cycle 13, midgets gone wild, made the cut to round out my 25.

There are some winners in the mix, some girls who should’ve won and some girls you probably don’t even remember… but I do! A couple girls even got both shots from their Cycle. Read on to find out whom!


25. Danielle Evans – Cycle 6
I was never Danielle’s biggest fan. She beat Joanie. Boo. But this shot is a literal “broken down doll” which is one of my favourite things about ANTM. It’s like model mecca. Who can make their body look so awkward it’s pretty.


24. Nicole Borud – Cycle 3
Who? I know right. This shot is for all the girls gone too soon. Nicole was an early exit in the cycle Tyrant decided to turn the show into one about bitchy girls bitching at each other. Eva never should’ve even made it close to the finale. Oh well. Here, Nicole gives us amazing motion, face, and product placement. Spot the energy drink!


23. Nik Pace – Cycle 5
Nik lost out in the finale to Nicole. She was a steady performer all season long with an interesting look. The outfit in this shot is too gorgeous to ignore and she rocked it out with some amazing curves.


22. Renee Alway – Cycle 8
I was NOT a Renee fan. “I’m doing it for my baby at home”. We’ve heard that a million times. But this shot is sexy. She’s sexy. He’s sexy. It’s just sexy.


21. Heather Kuzmich – Cycle 9
Heather was ANTM’s first autistic model. She was so awkward, had some serious stability issues, almost died hyperventilating, but damn she was the best model that cycle. She looks like a superhero on the rock wall. Saleisha won Cycle 9. That was my least favourite winner EVER… except for maybe Whitney.


20. Rae Weisz – Cycle 13
So the one mini model to make it on the list is Rae. She is so pretty. The shoes! The hair! The look! She nailed it. Kudos to the stylists for this one.


19. McKey Sullivan – Cycle 11
McKey is not my favourite winner ever, but those legs are amazing. She always gave great angles and creativity in her poses.


18. Yaya DaCosta – Cycle 3
I was not a Yaya fan. Her attitude put me off. But, this tarantula shot is faboosh. I love the makeup. I adore the weave.


17. Nicole Linkletter – Cycle 5
Nicole won Cycle 5, but it was one of the more lackluster seasons. However, I think this shot is one of the best CoverGirl photos they’ve done. It looks authentic.


16. Allison Harvard – Cycle 12
Another shot out for the awkward girls of ANTM! She was never gonna win because her look was too editorial, but it was so striking. This isn’t even a “real” photo shoot pic. It’s her “after” shot from the makeover episode. So gorgeous.


15. Analeigh Tipton – Cycle 11
Analeigh was the figure skater. She suffered endless criticism for looking too much like a dancer. There’s one of those every season. But this is the shot that works as a dancer. I would frame this as art in my dance studio if I had one.


14. Katarzyna Dolinska – Cycle 10
Katarzyna was my Cycle 10 favourite. She managed to endure Tyrant mangling her name during every single panel. This was the shot that the girls had to embody music genres. She got emo, which is NOT glamour. She made it work though.


13. Claire Unabia – Cycle 10
Claire was another girl let go too early so Tyrant could clear house for Whitney’s plus-sized victory. So fixed. Claire was able to overcome the intense styling and really make her beauty pop.


12. April Wilkner – Cycle 2
April is one of my all time favourites from my all time favourite cycle. She made it to the final 4 to see Shandi cheat on her boyfriend in Italy. Nigel Barker was totally in love with her too. I can’t blame him after taking this shot.


11. Brittany Brower – Cycle 4
Brittany oozed sex in most of her photos and I loved it. But Tyrant isn’t always the biggest fan of hoochy. I love this photo because she reigned in the hooch and delivered sexy in a soft and dirty way. The photographer did an amazing job with the lighting and setting too.


10. Jaslene Gonzalez – Cycle 8
Miss editorialita. She was the first latina winner and deserved her victory. This is one of the first shots of the Cycle and she dominated. She killed the homeless chic look.


9. Kahlen Rondot – Cycle 4
Kahlen was runner up in Cycle 4 to Naima. She was the shy pretty girl and this was her breakout shot. She was wrath, one of the seven deadly sins. Awesome concept. Awesome photo.


8. Joanie Dodds – Cycle 6
Obviously, this is a shot before Joanie got the dental surgery to fix her busted snaggle teeth. She wasn’t very fond of smiling, but I love the whimsical desperate housewife look.


7. Heather Kuzmich – Cycle 9
Heather hits the top ten with her second entry on my list. It’s like the Matrix, but better. You would never guess she was some freaked out awkward mess by looking at this brilliance.


6. Elyse Sewell – Cycle 1
Elyse is probably the most successful ANTM alum out there. Just google her. She made it huge in Asia. She was famous for her confessional ranting and fighting back against Robyn’s religious mumbo jumbo. Her eyes in this photo kill. Her face is nothing but light. This is smiling with your eyes. I don’t think Tyrant could do this look better.


5. Michelle Babin – Cycle 7
Wow… definitely the most controversial entry onto the list. Michelle, one of the Babin twins, was asked to portray bulimia. She definitely deserves her place in the top five with this photo.


4. Caridee English – Cycle 7
Caridee is my absolute favourite winner. I loved her. I loved the whole concept of the shot. I love her body language. I love her look. I love her.


3. Allison Harvard – Cycle 12
Allison cracks the top three with her second shot on this list. The concept was made for her and her gorgeous bird like features. This is what happens when a model is perfectly cast for a specific shoot. It is absolute art.


2. Adrianne Curry – Cycle 1
Adrianne, the first winner and biggest reality tv whore nailed almost everything she did. This shot sells her and the diamonds. This and number one below probably helped give ANTM the credibility it needed to bring on big name designers and photographers.


1. Yoanna House – Cycle 2
It was close, but there is no beauty shot ever done on this show more beautiful than this masterpiece from the Cycle 2 winner. Yoanna’s beautiful features are striking. Her eyes, lips, cheek bones, everything. Wow. Congrats Yoanna!