America’s Got Talent: 6-Year-Old Isaac Brown Gets Standing Ovation

Last night on America’s Got Talent, a little boy named Isaac Brown completely stole the show at the St. Louis Auditions. The 6-year-old boy has four sisters that he apparently always overshadows in terms of his attention-seeking antics. His talent: Singing and dancing.

Before commencing his routine, Brown walked onto the stage like he owned it and asked the judges to introduce themselves, before they had even said anything to him. He was absolutely hilarious and so comfortable on stage. He was not phased by the full house whatsoever.

He then performed a cover of Jackson 5’s ” I Want You Back” and received a standing ovation. The judges were thrilled as well. Howie Mandel said Brown was a “superstar,” Sharon Osbourne said he’s one of the few people who have “star quality” (which was so true), and Howard Stern said “I love you already and I just met you.” Mandel then asks the kid if he knows what just happened… Browns reaction was priceless. Check it out below.

  • Andrew

    That kid has personality!! So cute 🙂