American Idol Winners: Who’s The True Idol?


I really wanted Adam Lambert to win American Idol. He took the whole formula to a new level with his creativity, style and talent. But like several of my favourites before him, he lost. Oh well. He’ll probably go on to a mega career anyway without having to sing that HORRIBLE “No Boundaries” song. Now that I think about it, maybe he’s actually a little thankful he didn’t win. What about years gone by? Which winners rocked, which flopped and who should’ve won? Much like Donovan’s ANTM winners list, here is my take on America’s Idols from worst to best.

Number 8: Taylor Hicks

Ugh. Soul Patrol my ass. I don’t even really want to talk about him. No video for you! Let’s talk about season 5’s Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry instead! Chris should’ve won in a close match against Katharine. His “Hemorrhage” and her “Somewhere over the Rainbow” are two of my favourite performances. He’s gone on to great success and she has turned her Idol turn into an okay singing an acting career.

Number 7: Ruben Studdard

Ruben or Clay? Ruben or Clay? Of the season 2 final 2, I would have picked the Gaykin. I can’t even think of a Ruben moment I’m in love with. What has he done since then? He’s just a bigger velvet teddy bear that sweats more. I wanted Kimberley Locke to go all the way. I Loved her almost as much as I loved Frenchie Davis before the whole big beautiful boobies photo scandal. Locke underwent one of the most stunning transformations in Idol history. Frumpy and frizzy to hot and hotter. That’s why my video pick for this one is not Ruben, but Frenchie and Kimberley doing “Band of Gold”.

Number 6: Fantasia Barrino

I liked Fantasia, but I didn’t love her. Latoya London and Jennifer Hudson should have been the season 3 final 2 for sure! Fantasia certainly had her moments, but I liked my big voice girls. How Diana Degarmo made it there with her is still beyond me. Fantasia’s take on “Summertime” goes down as one of the best performances ever!

Number 5: Kris Allen

Still not impressed that he beat Glambert, but I will probably buy his stuff. He’s pretty hot too! I like the kind of music and swagger he’s got going on. His version of Kanye’s “Heartless” was awesome. Kris… if you’re googling yourself and you ever find this, you need to lose the tension in your jaw. My divo boyfriend says you could have a much fuller sound by relaxing that tight jaw and all those neck muscles.

Number 4: Jordin Sparks

I was a Jordin fan from the first week of Season 6. Before all the Melinda Doolittle lovers start hating on me, hear me out! I know Melinda was a gorgeous singer. My opera divo boyfriend reminded me of that last night when we were debating people who got shafted. But Melinda just didn’t light my fire. I couldn’t figure out what kind of contemporary artist she would be. Jordin on the other hand could do old school, like when she killed Shirley Bassey’s “I Who Have Nothing”, and still be relevant. When her album came out, I fell in love with “No Air” and “Freeze”. If you haven’t downloaded “Freeze” yet, get on it!

Number 3: David Cook

David Archuleta was cute, but it all came across as too cutesy for me. The two Davids were the right season 7 final 2, but little Archie was nowhere near the artist David Cook was, despite his ever-present and overbearing stage dad. Cook’s strength was similar to Adam Lambert’s- taking or making arrangements that worked for who he was. I LOVED his take on Dolly’s “Little Sparrow”. It’s still on my iPod. His recent media tour (saw him on Ellen last night on StarTV) shows his original music is just as good. He’s kinda sandwichy (link to sandwich story) too.

Number 2 Carrie Underwood

Loved Carrie from the beginning, but when she did Heart I was all hers. She was the right season 4 winner. Even though Bo Bice had some awesome moments, like his acoustic take on crap idol song “In a Dream”, he just didn’t scream star. Maybe if this was 1994 Seattle. Carrie has gone on to huge success in the country world. I would almost put her on top of Kelly (grrr baby grrr) if it wasn’t for the whole Jesus take the wheel country thing. However, drag queens (Fancie Goldhammer for one) probably love the whole before he cheats thing.

Number 1 Kelly Clarkson

I was late into season 1. I missed the first half of the show but I did manage to catch it all years later on American Idol Rewind. Kelly’s only real competition was from Tamyra Gray, Idol’s first “most shocking ever” elimination. What’s his name and the chick with pink hair were simple also-rans. Kelly’s hits (and remixes!) have always been on my download list. Since you’ve been gone!