Would An All-Stars Idol Judging Panel Save American Idol?

It’s purely speculative at this moment, but how friggin’ awesome would it be if this actually came to fruition. According to Vulture.com, American Idol execs are contemplating replacing at least one, if not all the judges, with former contestants. The site claims that both Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson have been approached while Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert are also rumored to be in the running.

In my dream world, a Clarkson-Hudson-Lambert trifecta would be EVERYTHING. Not only do they all have successful post-Idol careers but each would bring something different to the table. Kelly would be the nurturing down-to-earth motherly one, while Jennifer would be Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj combined- divalicious and sassy. Need I say what Adam would bring- glamor and pure gayness. In addition, each had a different journey on the show. We have a winner, runner-up and someone who was eliminated way before their time.

FOX needs to make this happen. This could be the direction needed to save the show. Clearly high-priced talent hasn’t done the trick. The show’s massive ratings decline this season resulted in FOX losing the 2012-2013 TV season in the coveted 18-49 demo to CBS for the first time in eight years.

In other Idol-related news, for the first time ever, the show is allowing former semifinalists to re-apply for the show. Previously, if a contestant made the Top 24 or the live voting rounds, they would be ineligible to return. Not anymore. With that being said, if they’re over the maximum age limit like Season 12’s Tenna Torres or Vincent Powell, they’re still S.O.L.

What do you think of a possible All-Stars Idol judging panel for Season 13? Do you think it could save the show? What Idol trio would be your ideal panel? Which former semifinalist are you hoping takes advantage of the new rules? Sound off below.

  • Austin

    OMG Kelly, Adam, And Jennifer would definitely be my dream Panel, Like if anyone should judge people on singing its these Diva’s for sure! I would definitely watch if this happened!

  • Ryan

    Clarkson and Hudson would probably guest judge for one of the weeks, but I don’t see them returning for a whole season unless the money was insane relative to what they’d make not doing the show. Lambert has the most to gain by being a full time judge. I’ve missed the last few seasons and know very few people who watch it…it might just be unavoidably heading into it’s twilight years.

  • Brittany

    I think David Boudia should be a judge on every show. And why hasn’t Adam been on 1g5g yet?

  • JD

    If that happens I would defiantly watch. I haven’t watched it the last few years.

  • Sean

    Kelly, Adam and Jennifer could totally save this past it’s prime show.

  • DJ

    I think Kelly and Adam as they are both likeable. Hudson and Aiken are not so likeable. Idol needs likeable judges. That’s what happened with the current season, everyone hated the judges.

  • Shane

    Clay Aiken is the most likeable. He is the title holder for most loved reality TV contestant of all time according to TV Guide. Adam Albert’s fans are the only ones who are mad at Clay for once criticizing his bad singing. Get over it.

  • Beverly

    Looks like Shane is jealous! Adam fronted Queen, been given the International Star award in China, admiration from Icons about how nice and down to earth he is & that he is one of the BEST singers of our time!! Clay Aikens ~Celebrity Apprentice~Woopie Damn Doo!! Don’t worry about answering Shane I want come back to see what your answer is, because you mean shit to me!! By the way go get your hearing checked SOON!!

  • these three Idol Alums are amazing and to be in the panel for one season would be amazing!! totally. I’d love to see them on the panel plus, as you said before, they are all Divas, Clarkson, Hudson and Lambert are all DIVAS!! They actually rules the chart.
    Kelly : of course, the Original Idol, who would deny her powerful vocal and album sales.
    Hudson : Oscar winner. Hello!! Music item? Public Weight watcher figure? Powerful vocal? Enough said!
    Lambert: Runner-up? Yes, but he is successful than the Winner? Oh, please.

    Please, make this list of people on the Idol Panel!! Please, and plus, the to-be AI S13 would be please to see this. They would be enjoying this moment and we are too, the viewers.
    Rating? It will increase!! Trust me!

  • More than an All-Star panel, I think the show should lift its rules for one season + have an All-Star season of the best former contestants/fan favorites who didn’t win. That would be badass.

  • stranded

    Let the show die.