How Much Do Former American Idol Contestants Make Per Gig?

You looking for a special performer for an upcoming event? A celebrity perhaps? Well, ever wonder how much former Idol contestants make per gig after they’ve completed the star-making process that is American Idol? Well, a list has been compiled of the top earners from the ten past season, and fees range anywhere from $5,000 all the way up to a whopping $500,000.

As you would probably guess, the top earners include Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, but who else is up there at the top of the list? And, who’s at the bottom? You know, not that it’s a bad thing. There are fifteen people on this list, so at least out of the thousands and thousands of people that have been on this show, this handful of people are making a living from their singing careers. Good for them! Check out the list below!

  • We Are The Fallen featuring Carly Smithson: $5-10K
  • Blake Lewis: $10L
  • Lee DeWyze: $15-25K
  • Crystal Bowersox: $15-25K
  • Danny Gokey: $30K
  • David Archuleta: $30-40K
  • David Cook: $30-50K
  • Adam Lambert: $40-50K
  • Kellie Pickler: $50-60K
  • Fantasia: $50-75K
  • Clay Aiken: $85-100K
  • Jennifer Hudson: $100K
  • Daughtry: $200-300K+
  • Kelly Clarkson: $350-500K
  • Carrie Underwood: $350-500K

*Disclaimer* This list is only of the price tags that were available. We are aware that some key people are missing like Jordin Sparks.

  • Votta

    Blake Lewis makes $10L. That’s $10 for every liter of spit he loses from that beat boxing.