American Idol 9: Top 24 Eliminations


Here we are folks, down to our first elimination for the season. With the power out of the judges hands and the idol producers’ editing team, we can finally see who’s connecting with the viewing public. Normally these hour long eliminations drive me crazy with their unnecessary fillers but with four eliminations tonight I expect the evening to move expeditiously.

After a very awkward group performance of Estelle’s “American Boy”, the eliminations get underway. Before we get down to business, can we briefly discuss how much Idol is using “American Boy”. Seriously, Estelle must be making royalties out of the ying-yang with all the exposure her song is getting. Whatever the reason, Estelle must be “networking” with all the right people.

First on the chopping block are the girls. Seacrest instructs the back row to stand up which contains Siobhan, Katelyn, Katie, Michelle, Janell and Haeley. Siobhan is the first one to receive a reprieve with Haeley receiving hers shortly thereafter. Though both weren’t at they’re best, it’s no surprise the made it through. Next up is Michelle. Even though she received very little airtime, she’s safe. Way to go, America. Katelyn is safe next, leaving us with Katie and Janell. WOW. I’m in complete shock. Two of the pre-show favorites are in the hot seat. In the end, Janell is the first girl eliminated this season. Screw you, America. Man that didn’t take me long to turn on the voters.


Despite earning the title of first bootee, Janell seems very well-adjusted and taking it all in stride and remains positive. I can’t believe the girl who sang “American Boy” during Hollywood week gets eliminated the night the group performs the same song. Haha, I love the irony. I knew the blonde brigade would eventually cannibalize each other. I just didn’t expect Janell would be the first casualty.

Before the next girl receives her walking papers, we’re “treated” to a performance from Allison Iraheta. I love the girl, but I DID NOT love this song. Too bad she sang “Scar” instead of “Friday, I’ll Be Over You”.


To my surprise the two girls I predicted in leaving are the next two to be called safe, Paige and Lacey, you are some lucky biznatches. All that remain are three blondes and a latina. Lilly and Crystal are next to receive a bye for next week which leaves us Ashley and Didi. With one blonde shocker already done, I’d be completely FLOORED if producer and judge’s pet Didi leaves this early. With no fanfare, Ashley is the second girl booted.

I can’t believe two pimped girls were let go first. Despite all their airtime, fanbase and good looks, song selection proved to undo all their Idol hopes. Like the judges always say, picking the right songs are key.


After the break, the men are in the spotlight. Big Mike, John, Aaron, Todrick all garnered enough votes to stay for another week which leaves Tim and Joe. Even though Joe was way better than Tim, I predicted he’d go first because everyone loves a pretty boy. Low and behold, I was right and Tim is safe.


After Joe is forced to sing one last time, Kris Allen takes the stage to perform “Let It Be”. With “Idol Gives Back” taking a break last year due to the global recession, Idol’s charitable initiative is back and starting early. Apparently, proceeds from Kris’ single will go towards “Idol Gives Back”.

With three eliminations taken care of, only one remains. Ear candy Casey James, gospel singer Jermaine Sellers, Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia all receive good news leaving Tyler and Alex still in the running to be booted. Thankfully the nationwide vote gives Alex a second chance to work out his nerves. During his mini exit interview, Tyler is “Bitter Betty”. He criticizes the judges for not giving constructive feedback til it was too late. Ouch. Not classy Tyler. At least you got airtime unlike Joe, and you didn’t hear him complain (though he has every right).


Season Prediction Record: 1-3
Apparently I suck. The only one I was able to guess correctly was Joe Munoz. Though I stated all four weren’t their best, I underestimated their sucktastic performances. Hopefully, next week I’ll do a lot better. I’m still in complete shock that Janell was given the boot. I thought she had built-up enough good graces to survive a bad showing.

  • Kat

    I thought all four desereved to stay over quite a few others. Turning out to be the worst season ever.

  • Tyler was a douche. Suuuuch a bitter boy.
    I think you MIGHT need to look a little more at the appearance and race of the singers to be honest to better predict the US reaction… it’s HARDLY a show just about singing.

  • Paolo

    I was surprised by Janell and Ashley’s eliminations too, not because I thought they sang great (they didn’t), but because Janell had loads of airtime that I thought would build her fanbase, and Ashley seemed to be pimped by the show/judges (Ryan praised her “Battlefield” performance even if I thought it sucked, and Ellen even featured her audition on her daytime show…)

    Lacey Brown MURDERED Landslide (and I don’t mean that in a bad way…) I’m surprised she didn’t get the boot.