American Idol 9: Top 12 Boys


After enduring almost two months of auditions and Hollywood week drama, we finally have our Top 12 boys. Thankfully, the real competition can get into high gear. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post unveiling potential spoilers regarding the male cast this year. Though not perfect, nine out of the twelve were correctly predicted- not too shabby.

Unlike the girls, there wasn’t a contestant I felt was robbed from advancing. The judges did a good job of picking a well rounded group that has something for everybody. Given the high caliber of talent on the female side, only a handful of the following boys have a shot to win it all, in my opinion. Take a read below and see how I feel about each contestant.



Age: 16 years old
Hometown: Sonestown, PA

  • A less cuter and talented version of David Archuleta. If he delivers an amazing performance during the first week, he can mobilize the teenage girl vote that can carry him into the Top 12. His backstory about his aunt taking him away from his negligent parents will endear him to many. Though I’m not his hugest fan, I did enjoy his version of “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus during his initial audition. Unfortunately if I had to pick a teen boy to support, my texting would belong to Alex Lambert.



Age: 19 years old
Hometown: North Richland Hills, TX

  • Based on his name alone, there is no way he’s making it deep into the competition. Imagine if a Carol Underwood auditioned the following season after Carrie winning. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Having said that, he’s cute in a Jason Mraz kind of way and will probably split the teenage girl vote with Aaron Kelly. Only one teenage boy will make it to the Top 12 if any. With stronger male singers in the Top 24, I put his chances slim to none.


Age: 24 years old
Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA

  • He’s my absolute favorite guy by FAAAAAAAAAAR. Not only does he have a killer voice, he can play the guitar (which seems to be the norm this year) but he can also rearrange a song and make it his own. I immediately became a fan when I heard his cover of “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 in his audition but I pledged my undying love for him when he reworked Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”. In the wise words of Kara DioGuardi, “GENIUS”. Barring a sex tape with a dog being found by TMZ, Garcia has it made to the Top 12 and beyond. He’s received a bulk of pimpage footage by the producers. They clearly love him and want him to succeed but who can blame them, who doesn’t love the son of reformed gang members?


Age: 27 years old
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

  • Note to all future auditioners: FLIRT, FLIRT, FLIRT with Kara DioGuardi. With his long luscious blond locks, deep voice and stripping ability on command, he won American Idol’s resident cougar’s eye. Seriously, Kara was giving him “sex eyes” throughout the competition, which cumulated with a longing hug complete with leg up from the horny judge. Besides being a better looking version of Bucky Covington, the boy can actually sing. If his sexual powers can work on the cougars of America, he has a good shot of making the Top 12.


Age: 26 years old
Hometown: Joliet, IL

  • Just like the abundance of blonde-haired-guitar-playing-girls, it’s hard to distinguish between Jermaine Sellers and Todrick Hall. In the end, only one will survive unless they both cannibalize. If memory serves me correct, Sellers is the gospel singer who threw the Idol house band “under the bus” for incorrectly finishing his band-accompanied audition. I predict Todrick winning the battler and outlasting Jermaine.


Age: 20 years old
Hometown: Huntington Park, CA

  • Cannon fodder number one. Sometimes the producers hide a few singers so that they act like “sitting ducks” in order for the pimped contestants to make it through. If we’ve never seen them, nor heard them sing, the likelihood of us forming an emotional bond with them is slim to none. With no bond formed, mixed with a middle-of-the road performance on the first live show, equals no votes, which means buh-bye. Hasta la vista Joe.




Age: 21 years old
Hometown: Evanston, IL

  • The boy who made Shania Twain tongue-tied, made the cut. Though we haven’t heard him sing since his strong audition, he’s already mobilized a strong fanbase. If he has a strong performance during week one, it can carry him into the next round. I like his deep voice, but wish he could muster more of a personality. Besides being a frat boy and in a choir, I can’t remember an interesting fact about him. Given the face time he’s been given, I feel I should know more about him.


Age: 23 years old
Hometown: Mount Prospect, IL

  • Even if he doesn’t win this season’s title, he’s already won the crown for being my object of affection for the season. If Chris Daughtry and Kris Allen pro-created, this would be their son. His soulful cool persona, shined during his “Ain’t No Sunshine” performance during his audition. His main competition for votes would have to be Casey James. If he can differentiate himself from him, he can sail into the Top 12 with ease. Go Team DeWyze!!!


Age: 26 years old
Hometown: Astoria, NY

  • Colored me SHOCK. I was almost certain he’d gotten the heave ho for digressions made by his father for spilling the beans about his inclusion into this season’s top 24. Normally I don’t give too much stock into spoilers about ousted contestants, but speculation about his boot even made mainstream media. Personally, I’m glad the rumors turned out to be false. I’ve been a big fan of his ever since I heard his audition.


Age: 20 years old
Hometown: Duncanville, TX

  • Cannon fodder number two. According to a few reports, Tim Urban was a last minute replacement for another contestant who was disqualified at the last minute. Given this latest development, it makes sense why we really haven’t seen much of him. Historically speaking last minute additions like Urban don’t fare very well. If he has a good voice, he might last a few weeks given his boy-next-door looks.


Age: 24 years old
Hometown: Arlington, TX

  • During my comments for Jermaine Sellers, I noted that I often got Sellers and Hall confused when it came to performances. Todrick, to me has the better shot of advancing than Sellers. During his initial audition, he performed an original song. Normally singers who perform their own composition annoy the heck out of me, but I enjoyed his playful whimsical original. Given he’s worked on Broadway with Oprah and Fantasia on “The Color Purple”, nerves shouldn’t be a factor during his first live performance. Hopefully he’ll pick the right songs to showcase his voice and will do well.


Age: 20 years old
Hometown: Nazareth, PA

  • When I first saw Tyler, he was an immediate favorite. I loved his 70s Mick Jagger vibe mixed in with his soulful Otis Redding voice. Since then we haven’t seen much of him, so I have no idea how well he fared during Hollywood week. Based on his initial exposure, I predict he’ll advance. He’s unique and doesn’t have to worry about splitting votes with another singer similar to him.

My Predicted Top 6 Guys: Andrew Garcia, John Park, Lee Dewyze, Tyler Grady, Alex Lambert, Michael Lynche.

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There you have it boys. This year’s American Idol Top 12 boys. Who are you rooting for at this early stage? Who do you think will win? Post your comments and thoughts below.

  • Kat

    John Park, Tyler Grady,Andrew Garcia, Tim Urban,Micheal Lynche & Todrick Hall!

  • Billy Junek

    I like Alex Lambert. He’s awesome..he’s different than what I have seen on American Idol. I am rooting for him.. I think the top 6 boys will be: Andrew Garcia, Alex Lambert, Casey James, Tyler Grady, and John Park. I am really hoping Alex Lambert makes it!

  • christina paul

    I think Andrew Garcia is going to win or be one of the last ones standing…he is an amazing singer and I think he actually knows what he is doing up there…there are alot of great guys but Andrew has what it takes to be original!!!!!

  • joe munoz is the best he is the best next american idol i love u

  • gbenga

    what e do