Looks like Simon Cowell was correct once again. First he predicted Carrie Underwood would not only win her season but be the best selling Idol ever. So far, that prediction has held true. Now it looks like his magic 8 ball, has foretold the future again.

On Wednesday night’s episode which featured auditions from Atlanta, he made another declaration. In the evening’s last segment, we were treated to a 60-something gentleman, named General Larry Platt. Obviously the producers let him through the preliminary auditions for entertainment value, as he’s clearly over the maximum age limit of 28.

While Mary, Randy and Kara and the crew were laughing their asses watching The General’s performance, Simon boldly stated that “Pants on the Ground” would probably be a hit single. Cowell probably never knew how prophetic his words would actually be. Within minutes of the performance, covers of the novelty song soon started to pop up on YouTube.

Some of the covers are actually pretty good, after a few musical arrangements. Ryan Seacrest even put a few of them on his official website. I’m almost half-inspired to do one myself. Perhaps sometime this weekend, when I’ve had a few to drink.

COVER #1: Brent Morgan

COVER #2: Jesse Miles

COVER #3: Dane Ferguson

COVER #4: Tucci

COVER #5: Brandon Gray

COVER #6: Selah J. Rauw

COVER #7: Truggy

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